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Aroma: The dried aroma is equal parts grassy and buttery. Once steeped, it becomes clean , fresh and crisp. Think steamed greens, seaweed and minerals.

Tasting Notes: There’s no bitterness in this at all, just a long sweetness! It holds a super spritely, fresh taste, with a long-lasting sweetness.

Flavors: Mineral, Seaweed

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Aroma: The packet scent smells like sweet white grapes, while the steeped scent is toasted and chocolate-y, with muted florals.

Tasting Notes: The whole flavour is rich and complex. With lingering sweet notes of caramel and molasses! The silky mouthfeel adds a nice touch, making this cuppa go straight down!

Flavors: Chocolate, White Grapes

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Aroma: The packet scent is like light chocolate and honey. Once steeped, the fresh honey intensifies and combines with the smell of fresh baked bread.

Tasting Notes: This tea is not what I expected when I read the packet! My experience of Lapsang Souchong is a dark black tea with heavy smokey flavours. I love it! And recently ran out of my stash… However, the only hint of empyreumatic notes is through the flavour of baked bread! Its rich and flavoursome and delicate and light and beautiful. There’s a hint of fruits, making it taste like banana bread in the aftertaste.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Honey, Nut Fruits, Sweet

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Aroma: Gamey notes of leather, with touches of charcoal, dried wood, tobacco and a faint sweet honey scent.

Tasting Notes: I have an on-off relationship with wuyi tea. Sometimes I find the flavours comforting and fulfilling, other times I find them opposite. I guess it depends on the tea. This particular Da Hong Pao is slowly baked over charcoal, something that seems to be retained in the aroma. However, there are hardly any empyreumatic flavours in this tea. Instead I find a gentle roasted flavour with deep cacao notes, light stone fruit and leather.

Flavors: Honey, Leather, Stonefruits, Tobacco, Wood

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I feel like I owe this tea a more thorough review, but I’ve only got a few minutes to get in some reviews before my bus leaves for the night so I’m gonna keep it brief and to the point – jot note level of brief/to the point. Just know that I will revisit this and give it a more detailed review…

- Beautiful dry leaf; a slightly nutty aroma with sweetness to it
- Steeped it had more of a fruity quality; sort of a fresh lemon aroma
- Not lemon skin/peel or the fruit itself but more just the aroma of a lemon, untouched
- Smooth and medium bodied
- Notes of lightly toasted nuts (almond?), honey, and florals
- Just a bit of roastiness, and lemon/citrus undertones
- Maybe some yuzu?

I liked it well enough overall; I anticipate I’ll most likely enjoy it even more when I get around the brewing the rest of the sample Gong Fu. As it stands, this is something that I’d drink happily if served or the mood strikes but I don’t think I’d class it as exceptional or something I’d go out of my way for just when it comes to this sort of Western prep. Then again, we all know a tea like this isn’t really meant to be prepared Western…

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfdwV8QFkei/?taken-by=ros_strange

Buy It Here: https://www.jkteashop.com/

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Very short, and very late at night “mini session”.

I’m calling this a mini session because it was only four infusions, and I knew it was going to be a quickie because it’s so late at night and I tire of green teas pretty quickly. I just found that I was really spontaneously craving a green tea, though.

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlhUHQkHn1Q/?taken-by=ros_strange

Just sweet and medium bodied, with a smooth and buttery taste/mouthfeel combo. Definitely notes of buttery leafy greens like iceburg lettuce/kale/romaine. Finish is a little bit artichoke-y, and a little bit like REALLY MILD anise bulbs. Second steep, of four, was the best because it was sweetest and more buttery with the smallest amount of ‘green’ to it. Honestly not bad overall though; but I’m very content with such a small session.

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Midday cuppa.

Craving something light bodied, straight and green and I still have some of this left over from the samples JK Teashop gave me so I thought it would fit the bill quite nicely. Definitely a lighter bodied flavour overall, but still really smooth and clean in terms of finish. I find the body has a strong green bean/edamame kind of flavour to it. Little whisps of cucumber skin, too. It’s also pretty nutty, but right now I’m finding that the green bean notes outweigh the softer nutty elements. It makes me feel like I’m drinking the equivalent to a really nice, leafy green salad. Just a bare bones kind of salad though; leafy greens, maybe a TINY bit of citrus, and a handful of finely crushed nuts on top. No dressings. Refreshing, cooling, and a little bit summer-y.

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Next up of the teas JK Tea Shop sent me to review!

This was the one I was least looking forward to, to be honest – anyone who knows my tea tastes even remotely knows I’m not a huge green tea fan in general. However, this is a Chinese green tea and between Chinese and Japanese I think that’s my preferred when you rule out things like Genmaicha and Houjicha, which don’t taste like the typical green tea…

I brewed this up Western style; I don’t usually enjoy Gong Fu with greens and I wanted to give this one the best shot humanly possible for me to enjoy it. The aroma of the dry leaf was actually surprisingly pleasant though; sweet and somewhat floral with a bit of nuttiness to it. That made me hopeful, because those are the types of notes that usually make a green tea passable for me.

Steeped up, this was actually solid! I mean, for the sake of transparency I’m confident that this is something I would definitely not purchase for myself/wouldn’t have chosen for myself but the overall profile was nice, and not once did the tea give me ‘yuck face’ which is totally a thing that happens when I drink a lot of straight greens. I definitely agree with the company description that this is floral and sweet – and also just incredibly smooth as a whole. What I did pick on that I didn’t see mentioned, though, was again that same nutty quality I had observed in the dry aroma. I’d describe it as more of an almond thing, and I say almond because IMO that’s definitely a sweeter sort of nut and almond notes tend to have overlap with cherry/florals/sweetness in general because of the ‘marzipan’ sort of quality that comes with ’em.

I have no doubt someone who actually drinks green tea on a regular basis would love this tea; I think the profile was really smooth and pleasant and I can totally see the appeal. I’ll also probably finish my sample with relative ease – it’s just not something I’m going to turn around and buy for myself.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfRYWAtldQo/?taken-by=ros_strange

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWzh7Xg9Krw

Get It Here: https://www.jkteashop.com/

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So, JKTeaShop was really nice and sent me some teas for free in exchange for some reviews; they showed up yesterday and I would have loved to crack into them then but it was like 10PM at night when I got home from work so definitely not the ideal time for a good session…

I wanted to try this one first though; I’ve a pretty big fan of Lapsang Souchong regardless of whether or not it’s smoked (this one isn’t) but I’ve been drinking a lot more unsmoked Lapsang lately so I was excited to try another take. I steeped this one up Gongfu, with 8g of leaf. I’ll probably finish the rest of the sample Western style because this is a style of tea I enjoy both ways, and while Gong Fu black can be nice it doesn’t generally have much staying power.

I got about eight steeps out of this one – I found it had beautiful flavour right off the bat but it tapered off very quickly; but like mentioned above black teas don’t often have great staying power when it comes to brewing Gong Fu. Right off the bat, this one had a very nice full bodied and smooth malty quality to it that then further developed into undertones of stonefruit and some honey-like sweetness. I say honey-like because it was almost more something that is honey flavoured versus actual, realistic honey. Midsession steeps continued the malt and fruity sort of notes/traits, but developed into a bit of a bittersweet dark chocolate/baker’s chocolate sort of flavour with a somewhat spicy finish. Like, notes of cumin were definitely present. I actually really liked the introduction of those cumin notes because they were really unique and interesting contrasted against the stonefruit undertones and sweetness.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed this one! It was a great early morning session for me, and while it didn’t have the most staying power in the world it had solid flavor and for me that’s always the most important thing.

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6Nt1ssPLBA

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfL1faRFoUf/?taken-by=ros_strange

Buy It Here: https://www.jkteashop.com/

Evol Ving Ness

I love that bowl. So lovely!

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This flower tea is a very good quality tea. I like drinking the nighty night tea before bed to relax.

Flavors: Flowers

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Tea Swap Sample

I had a busy weekend and was unable to make an official note of anything that was had during the time. I had 3-4 sessions in total, but my note taking was minimal.

Notes: mineral bite (stone?) with a touch of floral undertones. Doesn’t really progress too much, but it’s not a bad tea.

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Handmade long Jing high mountain (dragonwell) green tea. From JK teahouse.


Ru Yao dragon teapot, gongfucha.

Dry leaf: green, vegetal, fresh cut grass.

Wet leaf: fresh cut grass, vegetal, green, chestnut.

Light steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> fresh cut grass, chestnut, green, vegetal, pepper (?). (Taste) light -→ sweet, grass, pepper, spices(?), green, vegetal, chestnut.

Medium steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> green, vegetal, grass, chestnut. (Taste) light to medium
-→ chestnut, freshly cut grass, sweet, pepper, spices (?), green, vegetal.

Heavy steep; I taste/smell: (smell) light —> chestnut, grass, vegetal. (Taste) medium -→ freshly cut grass, sweet(aftertaste), chestnut (?).
Strong —→ bitterness, pepper.

All in all a yummy tea, nice cha qi, nice aromas. I rate a 80/100.

give it a try.

Where to buy: not sure if this is the one.

Flavors: Bitter, Chestnut, Freshly Cut Grass, Grass, Green, Pepper, Spices, Sweet, Vegetal

195 °F / 90 °C 10 g 6 OZ / 165 ML

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nose; lychee, baked wheat bread, gardenia ( no surprise there ), plumeria, orange peel.
Palate; Lychee, slight sweet plumeria, tangerine, sweetgrass, nice throat, otherwise kind of unremarkable

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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This is a nice tea.
Nose; strong gardenia, plumeria, slight cinnamon, sour cherries, juniper, mango, ginger, slight compost.
Palate; lighter than nose, plumeria, ginger, tart plum, slight cinnamon, kumquat, kiwi fruit, nice throat.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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Here’s Hoping Teabox – Round Six – Tea #36
Not much to say about this one, as it isn’t really my thing. These types of oolongs are probably my least favorite teas because I seem to only taste a charcoal flavor profile from roasted oolongs. Good to try anyway! Fans of this type, go for it. :D

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Checked my notes – ‘Tastes like varnish wooden fruit, by steep 10 I thought yiwu’

Yeah I wont give up my day job to review tea quite yet. ..

I found this to be quite straightforward with its flavour & experience. Each steep did its thing, which was that aged varnish-bitter woody fruit taste (only way I can describe it), without much fuss. ’Twas ok. The front of the sip was the same as the end, not much in the way of a taste journey. It lasted throughout the day, and I particularly liked the later steeps when the taste changed to a hot-dark-milky/rounded base with some sour bitter lift.

It was ok – didn’t set me alight with complexity but its a cheap cake, so yeah recommended for the price – it also might be in sheng limbo-age, I don’t have enough data to know how this will progress when stored for a good few years nicely. Cheap enough to give it a try though :)

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I’m not sure that this is the same tea that I’m drinking. It’s an Iron Arhat from Jk Tea, kindly swapped/given by Phi.

Anyway, this tea is good. However, I cannot place words to how good it is because it literally blew my mind. I pleaded with the wife to try this and tell me what she thought. We both pondered as we sipped, unsure what to call it (the taste).

So….We both came to the conclusion that it smells like collard greens & overcooked (not burnt) rice pudding. The flavor reminded us of rice pudding with caramelized/crystallized sugar from the raisins, with a hint of burnt popcorn.

Maybe that’s not correct, but it is 1 A.M. and I’m tired. Perhaps I’ll give this another go in the A.M., once I’ve rested and have had lucid dreams where I allow myself to escape the confines of Wonka’s hellish factory (a dream series in which I’ve been having lately) via the Wonkavator; that doesn’t go out and beyond, but further in….(Seriously, tea before bed results in fascinating, but very terrifying dreams; which my mind must solve an endless nightly puzzle as to how I must escape Wonka’s factory; or how I must compose the greatest musical about a story I’m currently working on about a boy who saves the world in a way in which I cannot disclose because it involves me exposing the story entirely).

Anyway, time for bed now….More to come soon….?

Flavors: Popcorn, Raisins, Rice Pudding, Sweet


Ooh I got some from Phi too. now I need to try it!

S.G. Sanders

Let me know what you thought of it. It’s too complex at 1 A.M. to pinpoint one or several exact flavors. haha


:P Will do

Daylon R Thomas

You too? I’ve had a dream where I was with a young Elizabeth the second shooting zombies with a lock on game cam after drinking tea, binge-watching crown, and drinking some oolong…never mind the Queen herself drinks Twinings breakfast only with cream.


Yay I am glad you like it! I think it was the 2014 version I sent . but it should be the same tea as this.

S.G. Sanders

Problem is, I don’t know why I’m trying to escape Wonka’s factory. That’s the mystery of it all, I suppose. Run from the Ompalompas, take the Wonkavator to the next level, and keep running.

Whatever year it is, I really like it. Thank you again!

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No notes yet. Add one?

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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A nice looking tea, but not really for me. Too malty, and a little bit thin tasting. Maybe some flavor of sweet potatoes too.

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I just created this listing. The tea is already listed under Jas eTea, but they note that they buy it wholesale from JK Tea Shop, so I’m listing it here.

It’s brighter in appearance and flavor than I expected for a darker oolong. The tea soup is dark yellow. It tastes floral and seems like it would be most appropriate for drinking in the Spring. I pick up hints of pine as well.

I put “high caffeine” in the listing without any scientific evidence. So please please take the caffeine level with a grain of salt. I am experiencing more caffeine effects than I normally do with oolong teas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

I steeped 7 g. in 200 ml. water at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 5 second rinse, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, etc. The tea is at its best for 5 steeps after the rinse, but really not bad for a couple more rounds.

At 205 degrees, there’s a hint of bitterness that isn’t very pleasant. I have another 7 g. left, and I think I’ll steep at 195 with that.

All in all, I enjoyed this tea. I’d buy it again if on sale, but don’t really feel the need to own more of it.

Edit: I should mention that I’m not sure I understand the relationship between JK Tea Shop and JAs eTea. Does anyone reading this know? JAs seems to sell most of their teas, and often at what appears to be a markup. But they’re also straightforward about these being JK’s teas and not theirs, and their websites are very similar. So I keep wondering if they have the same owners or something or if it’s just a wholesale relationship. I’m leaving this here as a reminder to myself to always check JK’s prices before placing an order with the other company.

Flavors: Bitter, Floral, Fruity, Oak wood, Pine

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

They sell some stuff stateside for them. They, JAs eTea, are located in North Carolina if I recall correctly. JK is in Kunming I think. Same teas just differences in shipping I am sure.


Oh really? Huh, I just moved where I am now from North Carolina — I had no idea they were there. But yeah, they do seem to be the same teas.


You’re right — Hendersonville. That’s rural NC, sort of a surprising location.


Ha, I am from West Jefferson/Crumpler?Boone area.


Hey! I’m from Raleigh.


DigniTea and Ashmara are near you as well. I think there is a tea shop near you. Angelina’s , does that sound right?


I’m sure you’re right. I mean, I grew up in and recently moved away from the area. Now I live in Connecticut.


Look through some of my puerhs. I can send you some samples if you want.


Thanks. I’ll definitely check them out, but honestly… I probably don’t have anything you’d want to swap, especially since you mostly drink pu’erh.


Not worried about that. Start a wishlist of puerh and I will message you about it in the future. You will have to just pay it forward to a new person joining the site one day. Have you seen my cupboard… I am in a bit of trouble about it….

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Good, solid. I haven’t had enough of these teas to be a good judge between them, but I enjoyed this. The smoky flavor is more like toasted grains than liquid smoke or ashes, which is appreciated. Medium-high roasting is a bit much for me for an everyday tea, but this one is good. Leaves are large, and I didn’t see a single bit of tea dust or even breakage.

I’m not a very precise steeper. It’s a little less than half of a 15 g. sample, but I didn’t weigh it.

I would not want to steep this at boiling — it doesn’t need to be any stronger, and I think next time I may try it at 195 or 200 degrees F.

5 second rinse, then steeped 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, etc.

Flavors: Nutty, Nutty, Smoke, Smoke, Toasted, Toasted

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

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