2003/4 Chang Tai Heng Feng Yuan Sheng (Humid Stored)

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“Sil is Here!!! We’re having tea! Of course we are! This is a sample of 2 different versions of the same tea, which I got from Life in Teacup. One is dry stored & the other is wet stored. We’re...” Read full tasting note
“Terri and I are drinking these two teas together to compare the difference between the same tea wet stored and dry stored. this is so not going to be technical and all purty like because let’s be...” Read full tasting note


Limited Edition sample set: “twins” – 2003/2004 Chang Tai Heng Feng Yuan Limited Edition. Hong Kong humid storage vs. purely dry storage
1. We focus on dry-stored teas. The Hong Kong humid storage version of this tea is an exception in our store. But we do believe both versions are very good representative of each style, and the tea is overall of very high quality. The manager has tasted 6 versions of this tea (various batches and storage conditions) and selected the favorite dry-stored version and favorite Hong Kong humid-stored version. Everybody has a preference, and these samples may just confirm your existing preference, or lead you to a whole new preference. We are not trying to demonstrate which is better. We regard it as an experience and enjoy both versions.

2. We believe, the best way to compare different storage styles must have following features:
a. The teas of the two storage styles should be of the same quality level (preferably the same tea)
b. The teas of the two storage styles should be of comparable age (preferably the same age)
c. The humid storage version should be proper humid storage (not rotten, smelly or insanitary storage). The dry-storage version should be clean dry storage as well.
In other words, they should be good teas, with good storage, and the two teas should be comparable to begin with.
Teas with all above features are not easy to find. So we think these “twins” are very interesting.

3. This tea was a special edition and was produced only once. The above-linked blog post explains why this tea is a very special version of Chang Tai product. Many people say this tea was produced in 2003 and many others say it was produced in 2004. Hence we put 2003/2004 in the title.

4. The Hong Kong humid-storage version selected here has some light “storage taste,” but is among the less humid among this storage style. In Hong Kong humid-storage version, even cakes stored in the same warehouse could have different levels of humidity levels. But overall all the humid-stored cakes have a consistent style and all the dry-stored cakes have a consistent style.

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