Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tie Guanyin)

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86 / 100

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Tea type
Oolong Tea
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Oolong Tea
Baked Bread, Toasted, Toasted Rice, Brown Toast, Butter, Dry Grass, Floral, Fruity, Gardenias, Honeysuckle, Nectar, Roasted Barley, Wet Moss, Wet wood, Wet Earth, Wet Wood, Creamy, Flowers, Green, Roasted, Sweet, Wood, Dried Fruit, Chestnut, Smoke, Autumn Leaf Pile, Burnt Sugar, Cacao, Coffee, Oak wood, Maple, Meat, Umami, Vanilla, Nuts
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Loose Leaf
Typical Preparation
Use 9 oz / 260 ml of water
Set water temperature to 195 °F / 90 °C
Use 5 g of tea
Steep for 3 min, 0 sec
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“I wanted to revisit this tea and give it a proper evaluation for 2 reasons… 1.) This tea is still by far my favourite oolong. And Rishi must have just released their latest and greatest crop into...” Read full tasting note
“Thanks to fellow Steepsterite, Tamm, I have a hefty pouch of this tea in my drawer at work. It’s great for work since I can just sprinkle some leaves in a mug and fill it with hot water over and...” Read full tasting note
“After a whole day of studying I’m glad to relax with this cuppa! This tea has such tiny little rolled leaves. :3 super cute! While steeping the smell of this reminds me somewhat of brown rice or...” Read full tasting note
“Hurrah! An incredible oolong with fantastic floral notes, a bright flavour with a subtle sweetness. Rishi has upped the game with this Iron Goddess – a tea worthy of rolling in the Oolong gang with...” Read full tasting note


A specially baked tea made to order for Rishi Tea each spring and winter. Tae Guan Yin is known as Iron Goddess of Mercy and is the most famous oolong tea. Our special grade of this tea is hand-harvested from the soft stem Wu-Yi tea bush cultivar that is descended from the original tea bushes introduced to Taiwan from Fujian in the 19th Century. Made according to the traditional Tae Guan Yin oxidation and bamboo coal baking techniques developed in China’s Fujian province, our Iron Goddess of Mercy is a special treat for oolong tea lovers.

About Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea specializes in sourcing the most rarefied teas and botanical ingredients from exotic origins around the globe. This forms a palette from which we craft original blends inspired by equal parts ancient herbal wisdom and modern culinary innovation. Discover new tastes and join us on our journey to leave ‘No Leaf Unturned’.

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