Longfengxia High Mountain Winter Oolong Tea, Lot 471

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82 / 100

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Tea type
Oolong Tea
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Oolong Tea Leaves
Almond, Butter, Citrus, Coconut, Coriander, Cream, Floral, Grass, Green Apple, Honey, Honeysuckle, Lemon Zest, Lychee, Milk, Mineral, Osmanthus, Pastries, Pear, Spinach, Sugarcane, Vanilla, Violet, Peach, Pine
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Typical Preparation
Use 4 oz / 109 ml of water
Set water temperature to 195 °F / 90 °C
Use 5 g of tea
Steep for 0 min, 45 sec
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3 Tasting Notes View all

“Alright, here is the final review of the day. I’m clearly still working my way through all of these high mountain oolong samples from Taiwan Tea Crafts. Hopefully I can finish them within the next...” Read full tasting note
“So this Longfengxia High Mountain Winter Oolong Lot 471 from 2015 was the first sample I opened up and enjoyed for many infusions. I really missed such great teas. The scent of the leaves is...” Read full tasting note
“The initial scent of these big green rolled leaves in a warm gaiwan reminds me of buttered freshly baked bread, magnolia flowers, and evergreens. After the first infusion, the leaves have a much...” Read full tasting note


Consistency is a definite quality when it comes to well-crafted high mountain teas. It says a lot about the skill of the maker as well as the care he puts in nurturing a healthy garden. It is always a pleasure to go back to this garden since we’re are invited to go up right from day one of any new production season. After going up 4 consecutive days, we’ve chosen, as we tend to always do, the second day’s production. It is as if the producer needs the first day to calibrate his technique and nails it on the second day. The clearly defined balsam notes that make Longfengxia so particularly appealing to the palate and nose are definitely there! Many say that the surrounding fir tree forest that encircles the tea gardens have something to do in conveying this pure evergreen feeling in the cup. The marvellous yellow-gold colour of the liqueur already announces that we are in for a treat! Then, the wild and flowery aroma enthrals you to take a sip and experience a full bodied, thick yet smooth liqueur where crisp balsamic notes with a hint of sweetness linger on and on. This tea is very generous, in the cup and in the number of infusions one can extract from these beautifully crafted leaves. This winter Lot 471 is high up there with all the best ones we’ve had from this garden. A true delight!

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