Imperial Dragon Well Tea From Hangzhou * Long Jing Tea

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Green Tea
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Green Tea
Almond, Apple Skins, Meat, Nutty, Pleasantly Sour, Spinach, Umami, Vegetables, Zucchini, Brown Toast, Malt, Oats, Green Beans, Sweet
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Typical Preparation
Use 80 oz / 2367 ml of water
Set water temperature to 175 °F / 79 °C
Use 5 g of tea
Steep for 1 min, 30 sec
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9 Tasting Notes View all

“Longjing isn’t my jam, but I do appreciate it from time to time. I usually brew longjing 2 tsp/8oz/175F/grandpa with two top-offs but I cut down to 1 tsp for this tea specifically because of what...” Read full tasting note
“As one would expect from a good Long Jing, this is quite a delicate and nutty affair. The main notes I get are almonds, eggwhites, cooked vegetables (courgette, spinach) and also cooked poultry....” Read full tasting note
“Sadly, I am reviewing the 2016 harvest of this tea in 2018. I am so bad at finishing fresh teas (green and white) in a timely fashion… Despite being 2 years old, this is still an excellent tea. ...” Read full tasting note
“First cup, very smooth, nutty, sweet. Got lost in drinking and stopped recording notes, but man the pineapple note REALLY turned up in cup 3. Delicious and awesome!” Read full tasting note


Our Dragon Well (Long Jing) Teas were picked in the early Spring before the Qing Ming holiday. They have been selected from trusted growers located on the outskirts of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The temperate, overcast and rainy winter climate of Hangzhou contributes to the tenderness and sweetness of the buds and leaves which are picked early in the Spring and are then expertly pan-fried in a wok which further brings out the tea’s unique characteristics, with slight sweet and bitter subtleties and the distinguished ‘roasted chestnut’ aroma.

This is our highest grade of Long Jing tea! The leaves and buds are extremely small and uniform and are light green in color. The soup produced is exceptionally soft and fragrant, and a very pleasant ‘hui gan’ lingers in the back of the mouth and throat well after drinking. The taste and aroma last through many infusions, and the brewed leaves give a particularly good mouth-feel when chewed on!

We recommend you order other grades first before ordering this one. Taste this side by side with Premium and Fancy grades we offer and you will taste the difference.

During the Qing Dynasty, the imperial Qing court considered Dragon Well to be the tea of choice for summer consumption while they favored Pu-erh tea during the winter. This is likely due to the soft, refreshing, and cooling taste that the tea provides.

The recommended way to brew Dragon Well tea is to use approximately 4 or 5 grams of tea for 250ml of water, in a glass cup or glass cha hai pitcher. Though some may prefer to slightly rinse the first infusion, the most common way is to NOT rinse the leaves. Use water that is about 80~90 degrees and infuse for 1 to 2 minutes before drinking. Once the water in the glass/pitcher reaches halfway, pour more hot water and fill to the top. This can be repeated several times, mostly retaining the original flavor of the tea. No filter is needed and many enjoy chewing on or eating the tender leaves.

Experiment with amount of leaves, amount of water, and infusion times to reach your preferred strength of tea.

Early Spring 2018

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