5 Tasting Notes

Because of the sweet fragrance of the tea, the initial bite comes off as unexpected. However the lingering sweetness of the tea is quite pleasant,.

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drank Wuyi Rock Tea by EnjoyingTea.com
5 tasting notes

Contrary to most teas, I found that this one has a bitterness that lingers. The complex flavor palette provides lots of depth, however I found the overall composition to be slightly disappointing.

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drank Jin Jun Mei by Unknown
5 tasting notes

The pleasant smell of this tea is almost reminiscent of chocolate. This is followed the standard bitterness, however this gives way to a very pleasant, lingering sweetness. In considering the process through which this tea is created, with the difficulty of picking the buds, and how the bushes grow from harsh mountains, the pleasantness of the flavor is all the more pronounced.

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The strong fragrance of the tea is immediately noticeable upon taking the first sip. The tea as an initial bitterness, however this quickly gives way to a lingering, bittersweet flavor when swallowed.

Flavors: Bitter, Dark Bittersweet, Flowers

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drank Orange Green Tea by Kung Fu Tea
5 tasting notes

It might not technically qualify as green tea, but a friend gave one to me during a studio all-nighter, so I figured I would review it.

The initial flavor is entirely green tea, slightly bitter. As the flavor lingers, the orange makes its presence known, although I wouldn’t say it is overpowering. On the swallow the aftertaste is once again entirely green tea, though on closer analysis there is just the subtle hint of orange.

Flavors: Orange

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