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I really fell for this tea – I loved the flavor, the aroma, and the way it made me feel relaxed. However, after my wife started getting migraines after drinking some other Teavana products we took a closer look at the ingredients. They have been “upgraded” from the list that is on this site. They now read:

Vervaine, apple pieces, carrot pieces, orange peels, ginger pieces, marshmallow leaves, peppermint, green rooibos, candied papaya (papaya, sugar), rosebuds, raisins, mallow blossoms, passion flower petals, flavoring (blood orange, peach) peach pieces, sunflower blossoms

“Flavorings” means MSG. I’ll take my tea without, thanks. Take a closer look at this company’s website. I can’t find a single herbal tea that does not contain “flavorings.” Prior to reading the ingredients on the web, I asked at the store what exactly “superfruit enhanced” means. They were unable to answer the question.

There are enough great teas and tea companies out there that I don’t feel the need to support this one any longer. They are misleading at best, and caused us unnecessary pain with this needless use of flavor additives. Needless to say, we won’t buy any of their products going forward.

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