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I have no idea what an adaptive is but it seems to work wonders for altitude acclimatization! The only real flavours I’m getting is a bit of grassiness, a touch of vegetal and some definite peppermint. Ok, so I’ve done some quick research and I’m betting this tea has rhodora rosea in it which is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat altitude sickness and by Scandinavians and Russians to relieve cold weather related disorders… Either way it was tasty and seemed to help with my acclimatization From sea level to 10000 feet!

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just sat down to enjoy an afternoon tea to relax myself and chose to choice one of my roommates new teas. i settled on this because of the smell of the dry tea that was of rich mint and cocoa shell. My roommate swears by this tea as her nighttime tea. and i decided along with her we would do a little tasting and compare thoughts.
just pored my first cup and it is a rich deep yellow where the sent hits you right it the eyes clearing them up. and then a smell of sweet chocolate comes into play. ones sipped your throat goes relaxed from the mint and then the lingering taste of chocolate fills your pallet.
all flavors are very suddel and not over powering. this tea makes me feel replenished.

once again i am not a big herbal tea drinker but this is a wonderful simple blend if you are looking a cooling and soothing tea.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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