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gmathis said

Teapot in the fridge?

Dumb question but an honest one … when you brew a pot of tea specifically for icing down, do you put the (ceramic) teapot straight in the fridge? Any pros or cons to doing so?

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Cofftea said

You should never put any hot liquid… or item for that matter… directly into the fridge. It creates steam (and thus mold and other funky things) and can break your teapot.

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gmathis said

Whoops, I should edit that to say “in the fridge after it cools.” No, wouldn’t put one in any warmer than room temp.

Cofftea said

Then you’re ok, the only con I can think of may be that it’d take up more space than another container and you may accidently knock it down or drop it.

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i have worked in food service for years
even if it’s hot it goes right in the freezer or fridge

all food services dishes should only allow about 1" deep of foods when possible to speed cooling process (shallow large pans, tall thin pots, thick is the enemy)

faster in less chance for growth-mind you we’re talking meat, soup, and ‘foods’ here not tea

now we’re talking tea
i don’t think it matters much, and probably is better for the other refrigerator inhabitants if you let it chill first then put it in

is the teapot covered? otherwise i see no reason to worry

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Meghann M said

I use glass not ceramic, but sure it has similar effects. I just use cold water and tea leaves in my french press and leave it in the fridge as long as I want. Usually 4-8 hours.

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