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My favourite maté tea that DavidsTea has come out with so far!

The lemon flavour comes out very clearly. It really works to brighten the whole flavour of the tea and cleanses the palette of the heavy earthy aftertaste often associated with a maté.

Great for a summer tea, and the caffeine boost is an added bonus for those early morning commutes :)

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I love lemon and ginger teas. I also love green tea. Keeping this in mind, and knowing that cold season is definitely upon us, one of the employees of DavidsTea recommended this tea to me. One whiff and I was sold. So much lemon-y goodness, between the lemongrass and lemon myrtle. The ginger smelled wonderful, and I knew it would be soothing for those scratchy-throat days. :)

Brought the little 25 g bag home and smelled it again. Just as enticing. However, I was a little apprehensive when I learned that there is licorice root in the tea. I am DEFINITELY not a licorice fan. Even fennel and sambuca are off the table for me, and they’re not even real licorice! But, since I couldn’t smell the licorice in the tea, I hoped I wouldn’t taste it once it was brewed.

Turned out that I couldn’t, which was great! (+1 for uneducated palate!) What I could taste was ginger, lovely mild green tea, and so much lemon-y awesomeness from the lemongrass and myrtle. Loved it. Felt great for my throat and left me feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Definitely repeats for me :)

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Definitely not a bad tea. To me, it’s sort of like a Genmaicha, but without all the toasty rice flavour that I find so off-putting. I often find Genmaicha way too vegetal and sort of dirt-y tasting. The maté thankfully has none of those notes, just a subtle toasty-ness that is definitely not unpleasant :)

Nice on a summer evening after a light meal, or as a companion for your morning commute.

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drank Chocolate Orange by DAVIDsTEA
6 tasting notes

There is something so inherently Christmas-y about a dark chocolate and orange combination. With midterms over and final exams (and Christmas!) on the horizon, I was definitely in the mood for a little pre-emptive Christmas cheer :)

Now, I’m not usually a fan of chocolate teas. In fact, before today, I had never found a chocolate tea that would ever entice me to take more than a sip. Most of them remind me of Sharpies, in some strange way. However, this chocolate flavour worked really well with the other flavours in the tea. The orange peel imparted the citrus note that kept the chocolate from feeling too heavy, and the pu’erh added a wonderful earthiness to the brew. It really brings you back to a sweet orange and chocolate treat you might find in our Christmas stocking, but without the cloying sweetness and the subsequent sugar coma. And as always, the pu’erh was great after what was, perhaps, an overindulgence at the dinner table :p

Overall, a nice holiday tea to be enjoyed when you want a little guilt-free indulgence :)

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With the cold weather months approaching and the days getting shorter and shorter, I wanted a black tea that would be a good pick-me-up in the morning, but also something comforting and warmth-inducing. Buttered Rum seemed like just the thing.

First of all, the smell is intoxicating. Lots of warm vanilla and some powerful rich coconut. Such a pretty tea too, with the pretty blue cornflowers.

Once steeped, the tea is a lovely golden brown, definitely reminiscent of a nice dark rum. The smell contains much more coconut than vanilla at this point, which disappoints me a little. The first sip, however, is great. Really nice vanilla flavour, the black tea comes out nicely, and just enough coconut on the finish. Piping hot, it warms you right to the tips of your toes. The perfect thing for an early morning commute. :)

Unfortunately, as the tea cools down, the vanilla and black tea flavours seem to diminish, and a slightly soapy coconut taste begins to predominate, evoking cheap coconut rum, rather than a richer dark variety. This is definitely a brew that is meant to be drunk hot.

Overall though, a really nice tea, great for the colder months :)

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I love this tea. It’s one of my favourites from DavidsTea that I’ve tried so far :)

Love the green tea flavour, light, not overbearing. The finish is a little bitter, but in a pleasant way, if that makes any sense, probably from the dandelion in it. I also love the orange and the tangerine. It balances out the bitterness and gives the tea a really refreshing “feel”.

I steep the tea in water that is probably a little too hot for a green, but it doesn’t seem to negatively impact the final product in any obvious way. At least, not in any way my relatively-new-to-tea palate can detect :p

Overall, a really nice tea. A great tea for starting off your day. :)

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