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This tea is so sweet and fresh. Packed with flavor, it continues to wow even after many steepings. With each steeping a new layer of flavor unfolds, as if the tea is changing shape and mood. Starting off very sweet and floral the tea dances on your taste buds, as is steeps more the flavor moves down to a more grassy, savory taste. Eventually the steepings become a perfect balance of sweet and robust, consistently leaving a lingering pang of star anise in the throat. Through the shifting of flavors, the smooth buttery base to the tea never leaves. This is a must have for any appreciators of oolong. The only company that captures the essence of this tea to its full potential is Verdant Tea.


So- do you think this is your favorite Verdant tea tea? Or are you starting to convert to pu’er finally? ;)

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Before drinking it I was not suspecting the quality and depth of this tea that I would soon experience. The first taste was a explosion of juicy sweet grass and rich rosy cream. It was extremely satisfying and gave me a boost of energy, clearing out my mind. The looseleaf tea alone is a piece of art; Green and bursting with life, this tea is a perfect pick for a boost of energy and inspiration on a boring day.

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The tea was amazing! No matter the occasion, this tea seems to have the ability to form to your mood! perhaps the most complex tea I have ever tasted, this tieguanyin let me melt among the different layers of warmth and flavor. It has a very distinct nutty, roasty flavor to it right off the bat. However, this rich flavor is instantly balanced with the ever-present floral notes. The tea seems to coat your mouth with a very thick, smooth texture letting the liquid flow down your throat with velvety ease. It seems to uphold this impecable flavor for an abundant amount of steepings without any bitter notes. This is very likely one of my favorites from Verdant Tea.

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This tea is incredibly complex. It seems as though the layers of superb flavors never fully unfold.

The aroma alone seems rich, smoky even. Then, all of the sudden these random notes of fresh wild berries emerge. The sent alone is a perfect balance of contrasting yet merging flavors.

Drinking it could even be thought of as an experience it is so good. There is an immediate spicy kick which is almost instantly subdued by a sweet thick pinewood taste. After a few steepings a creamy yet fruity taste collides with spice forming a perfect harmony.

This tea is a great experience tea and something that no taster will ever forget. It was very fun to try because it wasn’t typical pu’er and really let me experience every morsel of goodness from its perfect, long leafs.
I tried this tea from Verdant Tea which was a fantastic decision that I would recommend to every tea drinker out there.

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This tea was so shockingly good, it had me at the first steeping! It was as if I were drinking a hot cup of the holiday season!

It tasted very much like the scent of warm ceder wood, freshly cut.

I was hooked! This is the kind of tea that never gets old, steeps all day-constantly producing the amazing flavor that you love. The texture of it is is unbelievably silky.
I would highly recommend this yabao to even the most uneasy tea drinkers as the flavor takes over and lets the taster relax and meld together with the tea.

This tea is almost impossible to find, the only sensible place to purchase it would be at Verdant Tea- a great tea for a fantastic price.

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This pu’er is superb! To start, I am not even one to drink pu’er tea. However, I enjoyed this tea as it gave me a overwhelming sense of full rich flavor with out being at all musty. I first smelled the tea and picked up notes of fresh pressed newspaper with a lingering sweet floral sent as well. The initial taste was extremely smooth and especially floral. As the steeping went on the flavor became much more complex-transforming the flowery taste into the taste of rich sweet grass. The tea surprising never became bitter but instead more and more layered with each steeping. A perfect balance between smooth, sweet, and complex. Sipping this tea brought me back to the moist summery nights of playing after dark. Verdant tea, you have done it again!

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