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LOTS of changes around here lately:

1) WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Simultaneously scary AND exciting at the same time. One the one hand we will be SO POOR because our savings have gone towards the down payment, lawyer fees, land titles, taxes, and then the mortgage twice a month. On the other hand we won’t be renting anymore! This makes me incredibly happy! If there’s a problem it’s up to us… and yeah we’ll have to foot the bill, BUT no more waiting on landlords who don’t do anything anyways and make us resort to solving the problems of mice infestation, exploding stoves, or unshoveled walkways ourselves.

2) The terrible twos are upon us. My precious, well-behaved 23-month-old has just this week decided that that was all an elaborate charade and that she just wants to scream and whine for whatever she wants now. Who is this child? Cuz she sure ain’t mine…

3) Baby boy is quite a busy little bee in there. I’m officially 23 weeks along and the little gaffer must be a break-dancer because I can feel him twirling and kicking like there’s no tomorrow.

4) My doctor also happens to be pregnant too, which is weird because she was also pregnant when I was pregnant with my first! This means that she’ll be going on maternity leave at the end of January and I’ll have to go to another doctor for the rest of my prenatal care. Sigh.

5) Which actually segues to this tea, I promise. I haven’t been the best preggers around… I don’t take my prenatal vitamins (I was taking them before I got pregnant, but then the nausea hit and I could barely keep water down, let alone hard-to-digest horse pills), I definitely don’t drink enough water, I was losing weight for a while and have just started gaining some of it back, etc. So, my Doctor was all, “I know you have trouble with the pills and keeping food down, but COULD YOU PLEASE DRINK MORE FLUIDS!” So, that’s where this tea comes in because I figured I might as well enjoy the fluids I drink, right? Thus I’ve been steeping + icing a bunch of my more summery teas in an attempt to motivate myself to get more fluids coursing through my system. This one hits the spot: fruity, light, flavourful, and delicious. Bottoms up, Dr. H!

Iced 8 min or more

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Hi there! I am a big fan of tea in it’s many forms: white, green, black, red, herbal, etc. Since the removal of my gallbladder I am finding I sway more towards straight teas, such as black or oolong, and dessert-like teas.

I hope you find my reviews helpful…

Organic Ever Green (4 tsp) • DAVIDsTEA
Dragonwell • DAVIDsTEA
Mint Julep (15g) • DAVIDsTEA
Choconut Oolong (25g) • DAVIDsTEA



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