49 Tasting Notes

drank Jessie's Tea by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

After a few nights in a row of drinking DavidsTea’s “Mothers Little Helper” I finally dipped into the last of the three teas in my “relax” sample box. I don’t know why I waited so long!

I havent tried a rooibos tea I’ve been a super big fan of yet but… but I think I’ve finally found the one. First of all, I lovelovelovelovelove coconut, and this tea does it very nicely. It balances great with the soft lavender, and the rooibos isn’t too overpowering as it’s also paired with a sweeter honeybush.

I like that this tea is sweet, but not too sweet or artificial tasting like some of Davids Tea’s more desserty teas.

I don’t know if this will replace my “mothers little helper” sleepytime tea… as that one really does the job at knocking me out for the night… but this tea is especially great for an after dinner or late night relaxing tea.

Here’s a picture from my night tonight – which consisted mostly of watching movies on the couch and drinking from my tea stash -


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My go to tea is and always will be a good green tea. In a perfect world, I’d be drinking tip top Gyokuro… but my wallet says otherwise. So since I had run out of my Gyokuro (which I got from Teavana when I worked there. I was only able to afford it because of the discount) I have switched over to Sencha.

This tea is the most affordable loose-leaf sencha I have tried yet that doesn’t sacrifice too much flavour. I am still satisfied whenever I drink this tea. Though it doesn’t give that same rich, buttery aroma like a gyokuro does, it’s still a great plain green tea.

I stock up on this!

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I bought the “relax” tea sample pack from David’s tea the other day and so far I’ve only tried 2/3 of the tea but HOLY CRAP! I love this tea.

Its funny cause I don’t like peppermint in tea. It’s always tasted like “toothpaste water” to me. But I had a craving for peppermint today and I remembered that this tea had peppermint in it so I gave it ago and SWOON fell in love.

Even the smell of this tea is relaxing. I’ve almost finished my cup and my eyelids are getting heavy.

For those of you wondering about the flavour of this tea, I mostly just get peppermint from it. There must be something about the flavour that is balancing well with the peppermint, as I don’t really like plain peppermint tea, and I am thinking that it is the chamomile, but very subtly so. If you’re hoping for some other kind of strong flavour in this tea, like lemongrass, don’t go for this cup.

Update: Had another cup of this tea last night and this time picked up a lot of hibiscus in the flavour. Not sure if there was just more hibiscus in that scoop or if I steeped it a lot longer. I preferred it better the first time, as I’m not a big fan of hibiscus, but it was still pretty good, and still knocked me off my feet.

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I’ve been looking for a blueberry tea lately. They’re not my favourite teas in the world, but I thought I should have at least one in the cupboard if I’m ever in the mood.

This one was pretty good! It is quite sweet, but I find it has a better sweetness balance than the blueberry tea I had from teavana (blueberry bliss, a rooibos, whereas this one is a black tea). Blueberry bliss was a bit more tart and sweet while this tea is a bit more smooth. It kind of tastes like pie or waffles. Nom.

Final Verdict: Great blueberry tea! If you like blueberry tea. :)

Here’s a pic of the new addition to my stash today:


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drank Red Velvet Cake by DAVIDsTEA
49 tasting notes

I seem to back on a DavidsTea kick again, probably because it’s fall and they keep coming out with fall-related teas I can’t resist! I was pretty excited to try this one.

The smell is heavenly. It smells sweet and cakey, but maybe a bit more white chocolately than cakey. It’s one of those teas I can just sit and smell, kind of like those sweet vanilla cupcake candles.
The taste isn’t as cakey as the smell, which is common to davidstea teas, but with this one it works well. You can actually taste the ‘black tea’ (which is rare in these super flavoured ones of theirs I find) and still pick up a bit on the cakey flavour and absolutely very sweet. I’m glad I got this because it is a bit different than anything else I have in my cupboard right now.

Confession time: I ate all of the white chocolate chips before I even got a chance to steep it. So I have no idea if the white chocolate chips even change the flavour at all but I’m guessing not.

Here’s a picture, since it seems I’ve been doing that a lot lately:


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A much different cup of tea than what I normally like but I can’t stop drinking this! I started off with 100g and was already getting low so I’ve went out and stocked up on another 150.

It pretty much tastes the way it is supposed to, very toasty, a tad woodsy, a hint of marshmallow, and a sweetness at the end. Honestly, my only critique may be that it’s too sweet for my liking. Other than that, David has a lot of genius.

The whole fall davidstea collection has really got me excited (after all, it is the best season!) so here’s a picture of my brand new mug that I am enjoying some fall davidstea in. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9p7h5WC601rpx5rco1_400.jpg


Very pretty!


That looks awesome! I had to cave and get the whole forest set. Really excited. Where did you get your coaster?


@CupofTree I got them at Chapters (Canada’s version of Border’s, basically). I’m honestly considering, come christmas time when everyone is getting their trees, making my own from the stumps.

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drank Strawberry Paraiso by Teavana
49 tasting notes

I’ve tried this tea iced before and I really liked it, but yesterday I decided to go for a hot cup (I was really in the mood for white tea, which is odd since i don’t normally drink white tea).

It started off as pretty good, a nice, sweet strawberry taste, but as I got further into the cup and it started to cool it wasn’t as great. It started to taste a bit strong (the fruity flavours I mean) and too sweet (probably from the beet root, I didn’t add any sweetener). So, it wasn’t awful. If I really wanted a strawberry tea I would consider drinking this again, but I don’t think I would ever buy a bunch to take home.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec
Autumn Hearth

There is candied papaya in there probably contributing to the sweetness.


Thanks for this review. I might try it cold next.

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drank Napoleon by TWG Tea Company
49 tasting notes

I picked up this tea along with another flavoured black at the urban tea merchant in Vancouver, which is all TWG teas.

I don’t have a lot of black teas at home so I’m really glad I got this one. It’s not too strong of a black tea and it has a nice caramelly sweetness to it, kind of like a dessert tea. It has really caramel pieces in it too which, unfortunately, means it does contain milk but it also helps with the flavour. The aroma of the tea is stronger than the actual taste of the brew, but it doesn’t really let down the tea too much.

This tea was a bit pricey considering I could probably find something similar for cheaper at another tea shop, but it does come in a very beautiful tin. So, overall, I’m happy with this tea. Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to refill this when I’m out. :(

Somewhat unrelated, I took a picture of my tea collection today. It’s small but still beautiful. I wish I had more room in my cupboard or I’d probably have more. :P
- http://instagr.am/p/Ohw1ScuR-l/

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Lovely photo and tea collection.. What is that jar with the label winter green woods on it?


@cupoftree its wintergreen woods from davids tea. I found the old jar in my house and made the label myself.


Oh very cool, love it.

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I love this matcha! I find it holds up very well drinking it straight or mixed in to other things. I just had it now in a very delicious smoothie.

You should try making it! I used:
- 1 ripe banana
- about a cup of frozen peach slices
- about a cup of almond milk
- 1.5 tsp of matcha
blended together and served in a tall glass. A perfect way to enjoy this matcha.

Sadly, I’m almost out. There are more expensive matchas out there and I’m tempted to try them, just to see if I can tell the difference between them and this matcha.


I love matcha smoothies!


I’ll have to try this sometime…….sounds really good. I love Matcha plain too. :))


your recipe sounds great! gotta try it..

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I love bananas and I love oolong so when I saw this I had to try it. It smells really sweet, but I think that is from the stevia more than from the dried banana.

Banana is a weird thing. I think it’s kind of difficult to get that real authentic banana flavour in a tea, but either way, this is still delicious! It’s very light, slightly sweet (not overly sweet or sour like some fruity teas can be) and refreshing.
It has the same ‘banana’ aftertaste as another tea I had from DavidsTea that had bananas in it, but that was a black tea (organic snowbunny), and I think this banana-y taste works much better with the lighter, floral flavours of oolong, and without the nuts.

We’ll have to see how this one lives up to my other favourite teas at home, but this just might be one I’ll have to get a good stock of when my sample runs out. Plus, this being all organic is an added bonus. Nom!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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