So I’m a bit of a cheat, I actually spent yesterday working out with kettlebells instead of boiling the kettle.
I did however drink up some remainders of the bag of Dancong oolong in some quick pour over. I keep thinking it’ll taste as good as the first time, when I said to myself that’s my favorite tea. The first time I drank this one, it had such a nice mellow and smooth mouthfeel. I sipped it out of my eggshell tea cup and was smelling it the whole time, a sort of sweet autumn leaf pile smell.
You might have guessed that I steeped it multiple times, and that’s just what happened. It’s going from full bodied to just a whisper in a matter of minutes. The journey it’s taking me on is wonderful.
I soo very much liked this tea sample from Verdant and no doubt will continue my search for other Phoenix teas from China in my travels.
Lately though I’ve not left the city, working so hard to finish learning sufficiently for my PCAT exam in two months.
Maybe when I’ve got into med school I’ll get a hold of some more Phoenix. Until then, Aut Viam, Aut inveniam faciam!!

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I’m a gym fitness buff. My hobbies are rock climbing, marathon, and swimming.
Additionally, I used to go to the University of Rochester, now I’m a student of science trying to get into pharmacy college.

I started drinking tea in College at tea houses and the passion has grown to harbor three tea pots and a shelf full of loose leaf teas.
I’m most familiar with Chinese Green Tea and some of it’s varieties ie.wuyi and oolong. I try to get other people inspired by sampling teas with them, so far I’m the only one in my family to be obsessive about tea. Much of my work requires alertness without jitteriness so I turn to the sweet flavoured nectar we call tea thrice daily.

What’s more, I’m not just a sports buff I’m completely fascinated by sports medicine and sports pharmacology even, I may do a dissertation on Creatinine sometime in the next five years. Until that time I’ll just sip my Earl Grey and wish you happy imbibing. I’m also open to personal messages, so drop me a line and I’ll rep back.


Spokane, Wa

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