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A deliciously light and broth-y, vegetal, with a full mouth feel with a fresh flavor. With as many green teas I have had in the past I must say this one left a memorable impression. I will be mentally keep this one on my “Must Have” list.

Plus Notes (Hubby): Tasted an earthiness tone with vegetal notes. Found the aroma nice and tasted delicious.

Thank you Jas eTea for the opportunity to sample this little gem.

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Wow, way better than expected. I say this because when it comes to earl grey of any kind I tend to be a bit picky. However, in this case I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. No flavors were overwhelming and the lavender and bergamot played very well together. If I ever reach for an earl grey in the future. Chances are good it will be this one.

Thank you EPI for this sample. :)

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Very delicious. Good on a rainy day like the one I’m having now. However, wished the cheesecake component was a little stronger. The caramel however is very rich. I think this one is best catagorized as a comforting cozy tea. Yummy!

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A wonderful example of a fruity rooibos blend made right. Thanks again Kyle of EPI Tea.

Full Review:

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Mild in flavor. Not your typical bold Irish Breakfast but could work for some. A full review on my blog…


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I have been drinking this matcha these past two days thanks to The Tea Spot and I must say I am happy I had the chance. I have had several different types and grades of matcha and find this one best suited for homemade matcha latte’s. I simply used heated milk, a little sweetener, and about one teaspoon of matcha. It is such an easy recipe and completely adjustable to your liking. I found it to be very satisfying. The natural sweetness of the matcha came through first and strongest. I also noticed mild vegetal notes. The matcha seems great for making speciality drinks and I’d venture to say even matcha infused ice cream. I would recommend better packaging that would help contain the matcha better. If drinking this in traditional fashion I would consider it a nice starter matcha.

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Wow, this tastes amazing. I remembered the last time I had this that I liked it as well but I am on my fifth infusion using my new Crane Gaiwan pictured here… http://instagr.am/p/KSgR3RyqQ2/ and all I can say is that I truly believe that this Gaiwan has improved upon perfection. I can’t believe how well it is holding up. I love the sweet liquor I get and just how silky each sip tastes and feels. Truly a gorgeous oolong.

Daisy Chubb

beautiful Gaiwan!


Yes, I agree, the gaiwan is gorgeous. I had a couple of gaiwans for a number of years, but never really used them because the first couple of times I did, I burned my fingers on it, and decided they weren’t worth the trouble. And then, a couple of years ago, I decided to try them out again… and it is just AMAZING to me the difference it makes when an Oolong or Pu-erh is steeped in a gaiwan.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Thank you guys and I agree LiberTeas I had the same issue with my first Gaiwan I now just like you I decided to give it a try again with this new one and I love it. Huge difference. Also, with practice you can use a Gaiwan without burning your figures but it does take some doing. :)

Autumn Hearth

That is the first gaiwan I wanted but foolishly went with a dark clay dragon design that cracked the second day I used it. Can I ask if you got your gaiwan from EnjoyingTea or Chinese-Tea-Culture? They seem to be the same design, but the one from ET is lighter in color like in you picture, C-T-C’s seems darker and more green, but they offer cups: http://www.chinese-tea-culture.com/teacup-c019.html

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I received this along with my Lupicia Tea Magazine and made it almost right away. I found it fruity and slightly sweet. It was light and refreshing as well. If I had more of this I almost certain it would taste amazing cold brewed.

Yummy stuff.

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How long does it take for your first Lupicia magazine to arrive? Can’t wait to get mine! :)


Wait hold on … delete that – I must have got the magazine because I too got this sample and LOVED it … but what the heck did I do with the magazine??? Ugggg {goes seeking!}

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Thanks again Two Leaves and a Bud for sending me this sample.

I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of this one. It was a little flavorless and the flavor I did get was a mineral like taste. Only once did I get a vegatal flavor but it wasn’t nearly as strong as I would have preferred.

I hope someone else tries this and experiences something better. I have enough for two more cups and will give it a try again and change my steeping perimeters. I hope to get a better result. Until then, this was not my cuppa.

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First, I want to say “Thank you” to Two Leaves and a Bud I really appreciate your sending me this tea to sample.

Can I just say “Wow” I was very surprised by this one. It’s rather good actually. It’s light, fresh, and has best lingering note that only occurs in a Darjeeling. I am not sure how to put that flavor into words but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I’d say try this the next time you want a Darjeeling. :)

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