6 Tasting Notes

drank Thai Chai by Adagio Teas
6 tasting notes

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drank Cream by Adagio Teas
6 tasting notes

(PART 2/4 of Adagio’s Sweet tooth Sampler)
Out of the bag, it smells divine, exactly like vanilla pudding, hmmm… When brewed, it still does, but the vanilla is becomes less pronounced and smells more like an actual tea with hot cream soda, but also a bit… weird which is my only complaint about this tea. As for the taste, I was kinda disappointed that it didn’t taste more like the way it smells in the bag. however it does taste exactly like a black tea with a dash of cream ! A pleasant and a subtle everyday morning blend especially with a little sugar and/or milk/cream. Probably one of my favorites from Adagio.

Now, it is good, sure, but people expecting it to taste more like hot ice cream/pudding instead of a good old regular Ceylon base with a tiny hint of flavor will be disappointed if not a bit bored with Cream. But if you don’t, you’ll love it. It is also wonderful when blended with other teas, so I sometimes use it to soften some teas I find otherwise too strong and it goes well with almost anything.

Flavors: Cream, Custard, Milk, Tea, Vanilla

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drank Chocolate Chip by Adagio Teas
6 tasting notes

(PART 1/4 of Adagio’s Sweet tooth Sampler)
Chocolate chip.
I really like the idea of having those little cocoa nibs in a tea, especially since I love chocolate so I expected to like it. But after opening the bag, I was worried about the smell and taste of all the chocolate flavourings (which smelled very unlike real chocolate, even a little like cheap alcohol). And while the smell was more tolerable than Tiger Eye I found the taste to be rather lacking. Definitely NOT like a hot chocolate, but it’s trying to be. It’s MUCH better with milk and sugar, but the plain version is just that : plain. It is not really decadent, tastes more like a piece of chocolate that accidentally fell into hot water instead of milk : tangy, a little bitter, a mild sweetness with milk and dark chocolate-y flavors and a little chalky. The Ceylon is very subtle, but makes for a more rounded taste and as a result much more enjoyable.

The worst part is the smell. I usually don’t have a problem with having additional flavoring in tea as long as it doesn’t taste funky, but I’ve discovered that the smell of many Adagio dessert teas doesn’t sit well with me. Or maybe I got a bad batch since not many seem to have the same problem? As long as I put it in my thermos I don’t have this problem and can actually enjoy it, but otherwise it smells off… I can see how some people could like it though but my least favorite of the 4.

Flavors: Alcohol, Chocolate, Dark Bittersweet, Milk, Vanilla

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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I am normally not much of a teabag person, but sometimes you gotta make some sacrifices… I wanted to have a tea on the go that I could brew and sip during classes/breaks and loose leaf just isn’t as quick and practical. So I decided to grab this cheap-ish box from the store and hope for the best.

First, the smell. It smells very strongly of the same artificial perfume-y cherry blossom flavoring that seems omnipresent in many Japanese snacks, candy and drinks during the Hanami season. So while it definitely reminds me of Japan, it was not exactly in the way I’d hoped. I usually don’t mind the taste but in this case there is just too much of it, even when brewed with twice the recommended amount of water (200ml/teabag). It tastes exactly how it smells, although the maltodextrin (sweetener) in this tea gives off a nauseous end note that lingers in your mouth for a surprisingly long amount of time. I haven’t tasted any cherry or tea notes either, which leaves this blend really flat tasting and one-dimensional.

Speaking of which, the tea (aka. the dust) itself wasn’t the absolute worst there could have been. Well, probably. It barely tasted like anything so I am unable to comment on it. The flavorings are overpowering any other nuance that could have even slightly redeemed this tea, and the sickeningly sweetness of the maltodextrin present in the blend unpleasantly reminds you hours after drinking that buying this tea was a horrible mistake.

I will, however, still finish the box. I mean, it’s not so revolting that I had to throw it out on the spot, hence why it got such a high rating, but still vile enough that I will be sure to never buy this again. I’m sure some people who really like the Japanese cherry blossom flavoring could still like it somewhat. With milk, it tastes similarly to a less watery KOCHAKADEN Cherry Royal Milk Tea with less emphasis on the cherry and I found it more bearable that way.

Flavors: Artificial, Cherry Blossom, Perfume, Sweet

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 g 12 OZ / 350 ML

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Hi ! I’m your average bio student who just so happens to love tea. Other hobbies include sewing, listening to music

Favorite teas :
- Jasmine
- Green teas
- Fruity/florals
- Rooibos
- Chai
- White tea

Trying to get into :
- Oolong
- Pu’ehr

Dislikes :
- Mate (In most blends)
- Artificial smelling/tasting tea


Ratings explained :

0-5 : An absolute tea abomination. Might as well be poison sent to murder me and I wouldn’t question it.
5-15 : Who thought this was a good idea ?
15-25 : I’ll finish my cuppa, but it’s revolting enough that I’ll never have it again.
25-35 : Still pretty bad, but I’ll drink it if nothing better’s available.
35-45 : Meh. Not something I particularly enjoy but I don’t hate it either. Would probably gift this to a friend who’d like it better. It’s not bad, but certainly not good either.
45-55 : Good enough to use as a relaxing morning beverage and mindlessly sip throughout the day.
55-65 : I like it!
65-75 : I’d keep it in my cupboard and drink this once a week or so. I’d consider buying some more after I finish the bag.
75-85 : Very enjoyable !
85-95 : I’d drink this almost every day.
95-100 : I think I’m in heaven…

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