15 Tasting Notes

drank Sexy Spicy Chai by beTeas
15 tasting notes

I love me some spicy chai! This stuff is amazing. Ive been looking for a chai that will just completely knock me over. Something with the kind of spice that tickles the back of the throat. Is that wierd? I bought a sample of this a week ago…and I can’t bear the thought of running out. I had to go buy a bigger bag today, and a new tin to store it. This tea just plain makes me happy. What could be better then that?

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drank Smoked Maple by Shanti Tea
15 tasting notes

Yum! The maple smells amazing. I’m not getting a lot of smoked anything, although I do tend to not pick up on a lot of the more subtle aspects of tea. So it’s probably there, I suppose it’s just getting a kick out of playing hide and seek with my tongue. Which is just fine with me, I can play with maple instead. It’s all good. This is very very nice, smooth and a bit sweet. Makes the toes curl and the mouth smile.

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This one is crazy dusty. I’ve never seen a tea quite like this before, it’s almost as if a little cloud of cinnamon bits follows this around wherever it goes. Extremely cinnamony flavor, a very dry flavor. I am deffinately a cinnamon lover, but the first few sips of this where absolutely repulsive. It deffinately rated about as well as my first abysmal attempt at a milk oolong. Blech. It’s got a bit of an off flavor to it, one that I can’t quite place. I’m going to say that the cinnamon is almost soggy. I can’t explain it, not entirely sure if it’s an accurate description. It tastes more like something that got wet on accident and fell into my cup.

However, I’ve got a whole tin of this and it’s gotta dissapear somehow. So I’ve kept at it, and I’ve found that over time it’s grown on me a bit. It’s not completely horrible, just mostly horrible. An aquired cinnamony taste, perhaps?

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drank Organic Sencha by Harney & Sons
15 tasting notes

I can’t sleep. So, I’ve given up and decided that if I’m up then I might as well enjoy what I can of it. Sooo…I’m drinking this as a midnight cheer-me-up, to hell with the caffine. It was a sample that magically appeared in my recent order, always a good thing. This is very nice, smooth and vegetal. I think I needed something that reminded me of springtime and sunshine. Given the wonderful snow we’ve had recently…this was deffinately worth a smile underneath the grey clouds. Yumminess.

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drank Orange Vanilla by The Naked Leaf
15 tasting notes

This is a very nice tea. The orange makes this smell wonderful, though the flavor is more subtle then the smell. It’s not an overpowering orange flavor, and I don’t get much vanilla from this. I suspect that while I can’t taste it, that it’s there mellowing out the orange. Over all, I find this to be smooth, mellow, and very nicely balanced.

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This is nice and simple, there’s not a whole lot of depth to it. But sometimes that’s just perfect. I found the black currant to be very nicely balaced with the tea, and over all an easy going cup.

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drank Maple Chai by The Naked Leaf
15 tasting notes

This is my first order from this company. It’s just a small shop in downtown Calgary and I’ve finally broken down and ordered. I really love the tins that thier teas come in. They’re free with the order and have different artworks printed on them…I think they’re awesome, and I’ll deffinately be hanging on to them.

I was really excited opening up the package. And opening up this tea…the smell just hit me. It smells just like christmas. I have no idea why, I can’t quite place it. But it totally reminds me of Christmas when I was a little kid. Smells so good it makes my toes curl.

The leaf is really super dark, it looks amazing. First thing I had to do was run to the kitchen and make some. I didn’t add any milk or sugar to this, I wanted to try out the flavor on it’s own first. It’s wonderfuly smooth. I can really taste the cinnamon and cloves…absolutely delicious. I’m thinking this is my new favorite tea place. Woohoo!


sounds perfect!

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drank Citron Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
15 tasting notes

I got this tea as a sample in my first ever David’s Tea order. This was also my first oolong tea, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I made that tea sample stretch as far as I could, and then ended up buying some in one of thier stores. I was a little sad about the quality of the tea I got from the store, it was a bit stale compared to what I recieved in the sample. I suppose the teas may sit in the store for a long while, I don’t really know. But, I happily drank it anyway.

The smell of this tea makes me smile. I can’t help it, it’s a big dorky toe-curling smile, and I’m pretty sure I do the whole mmmm-mmmm thing out loud, wether anyone is around to hear me or not.

However, to every love story there has to be a bump in the road, right? I debated for a long time about wether or not to post this. I considered just throwing out the tea, possibly all of my david’s tea, and finding somewhere else to get my fix. But I’m very indecisive, and tea like this is so new to me…Maybe I’m being dumb about the whole thing.

The problem? You see, I found a bug in my tea. I know, it happens. It’s a natural product, bugs are everywhere…they’re bound to be in tea somewhere at some point. Maybe even take it as a sign that it’s a good tea, since even the bugs think it’s yummy. I wish I would have taken a picture, but it didn’t occur to me at the time. I was so freaked out that I dumped the tea and doused my teaware in boiling vinegar about a dozen times.

How do you recover from finding one of the icky-er creepy crawlies in your tea? I’ve since found one in another tea by davids, but it was a different and less freaky bug. I get the feeling I’m over-reacting…but there is.


I think I would freak too if I found a bug in my tea. Ugh! Im so sorry this happened to you. I think it might be inevitable that we find the occasional bug mixed in with our tea but yeah. Not pleasant. You’re not over reacting at all.

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drank Malted ChocoMaté by 52teas
15 tasting notes

I’m not going to rate this one yet, because I really don’t understand it. I’m still trying to figure this out. Right out of the bag it smells delicious, dark and all things yummy. But once I brewed it…all I could taste was roasted water, for a lack of any other way to describe it.

This is my first go at any sort of yerba mate, and I know it’s a bit different. Deffinately going to have to play with this one, see if I can get it right. With so many good reviews, I must be doing something wrong.

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This is nice, it’s straightforward, simple. It doesn’t have anything complicated to say. Usually this ends up being my after-dinner tea. Most of the time I try to drink tea without sugar added to it, but once in a while it does magically end up in here. It’s not the strongest peppermint, but it’s far from weak. It’s a nice, easy going tea. All smiles from me.

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Originally, I am from Toledo, Ohio. I’m also a military brat, so I’ve lived all over the United States, with a slight 6 year layover in Misawa AFB, Japan. While I was there I picked up a curiosity about tea. Curiosity turned into quite the habit, and here I am.


Calgary, Alberta

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