Well, my original paper notes went something like “Hand-picked Spring KY: !!!!!!!!! Buttery flowers! Holy cow! :) :) :)” I say this as someone who is very cautious about floral teas. Heavy flower flavors are not my style. But multiple tastings with multiple infusions have certainly borne out my initial impressions!

One of the shocking things about the leaves, once they uncurl, is how very GREEN they are. They’re rich, spring, on-the-tree green…none of that dark or pale shadowy green in this tea. And they stay that way, 20 or 30 infusions in.

It is so very light. At first you feel cheated because it’s just hot water…and then a fairy comes along and breathes ever so lightly into your mouth, and hits the “top” of the palate. You feel it more in your head than in your throat…it’s buttery without being thick, floral without being cloying, and above all, sweetly clean. The flavor continues admirably through loads of re-steepings; over time it becomes slightly honey-like, and hits the throat just the tiniest bit.

Definitely an A+ tea.

EDIT, 8/11: Just showed some friends this tea, and was shocked by the strong tastes of lilac that came up. Previous tastings had come up with much stronger orchid and cream flavors, but the lilac was overwhelming this time around (in a good way!). It reminded me of that first warm spring day when you walk under a giant lilac bush and the smell envelopes you softly. The “white flower” taste of the first steeping or two gave way to that strong, sunny, “yellow and purple flower” sensation. (Seriously. It tastes purple. It’s bizarre.)

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22-year-old tea enthusiast (of course), attemping to try new things and expand my horizons. I use lots of slightly unusual, sometimes synesthetic words to describe tea, and normally it involves hand motions…online I will have to make do with scare quotes and odd punctuation. I am actually literate, I promise.

A note on my reviews: I try to be as descriptive as possible in the word portion of the reviews. I don’t think it counts as being entirely objective, but I try. The numbers, however, are a little more subjective. There are perfectly good teas that I may rate low in number because compared to what I normally like, it’s not deserving of a higher score. So perhaps more weight should be given to my words than my numbers.

“Teaism is a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence. [It] is more than an idealization of the form of drinking; it is a religion of the art of life.”
-Okakura Kakuzo, ‘The Book of Tea’


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