194 Tasting Notes

drank Yoga Chai by Tea Shirt
194 tasting notes
This is the first caffeine-free chai I’ve come across that does not use a substitute, such as rooibos, and it’s bloody brilliant! Tea Shirt suggests boiling this for 20 minutes and then adding milk. However, I felt that milk actually ruined Yoga Chai’s extremely peppery ginger notes. Steeping this at 100°C in a cup seems to produce a super fragrant and spicy brew too. Now, who wants a chai before bed!?


Flavors: Ginger, Pepper, Spices

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An incredible and super minty blast! The mint notes literally burst through the taste buds and sinuses to make you feel really clear and invigorated. The strongest mint tea you’ll ever taste and absolutely perfect for refreshing you through the winter months!

Flavors: Menthol, Mint

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Orange very much takes the lead, being prominent in both flavour and scent. Taken black this is a strong tea with medium spiced notes and an obvious citrus finish. Adding milk seems to accentuate the orange and spices, but tones down the tea, to create a smooth festive experience.


Flavors: Citrus, Spicy

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A super strong cinnamon smell escapes the cup, leading to the unsurprising revelation that this is also a keynote in the flavour! Cinnamon if followed by a fruity side note and a joint musty sour finish. This blend does hold a cheeky little surprise. It’ so unbelievably sweet! So sweet in fact, it had me double checking the ingredients for sugar, due to its candied fruit taste.

Flavors: Fruity, Spices, Sweet

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drank Tsarevna by Kusmi Tea
194 tasting notes
If a Russian Earl Grey and a Chai tea had a baby, this is what they would birth. A smooth tea with spicy notes, an aroma that fills the room like a spiced candle, emitting a rich complex scent. Notes of cinnamon and cardamom are clear, with a back note of orange. This particular product is a regular winter tea for Kusmi. In 2016, to celebrate 150th year of kusmi, it donned a beautiful black and gold caddy, inspired by the tiaras worn by Tsar princesses. In 2017, the caddy is full golden. It’s beautiful, but disappointingly the price has increased from £24.80 in 2016, an the content has decreased from 250g. Bad move Kusmi.


Flavors: Citrus, Spices

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Great Taste Award winner of 2014, this heavy roasted oolong has been slowly fired over wood charcoal for 2-3 days, in order to give it distinct warming caramel and toasted notes, making it a perfect fire side beverage.

Flavors: Caramel, Toasted

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The combination of rooibos and spices seems to create an orange aroma and flavour, giving this blend not just clear spiced notes of cardamom, but a citrus twang too. This combined with the rooibos, which isn’t apparent until the finish, turns the cup into a naturally sweet and warming tea.


Flavors: Citrus, Honey, Spices

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A blend that contains tea leaves grown in England, making this an extra special tin of tea! Before the leaves are even steeped you can detect a sweet essence raising from the leaves. A sip is all it take to fall in love with the smooth, sweet and succulent flavours. The otherness of it brings your lips back to the cup each time to savour the beautiful gentle notes of this ethereal blend!


Flavors: Floral, Honey, Sweet

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drank Santas Helper by O Tea
194 tasting notes

O Teas got the aroma of Santa’s Helper bang on! It smells like a spiced Xmas Yankee candle! Smells. So. Good. Unfortunately, the flavour isn’t as glorious, tasting much like a standard malty black tea with a spoon of cinnamon dolloped in. It doesn’t taste bad, in fact it may even taste good, but it’s not particularly complex, nor does it match fabulous the aroma.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Malt, Spices

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