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I went to this tea room with my family in Christmas 2016 and loved this tea so much that I had to buy some. I still love it. It is so tasty. I love the flavours and the fruitiness and just love. I am full of love.

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Increasing my rating on this. So so so good. Vanilla is subtle but tasty and it is just warming me up. The black tea base is fantastic and I’m just really enjoying this cup. Going to try a second steep later, I think.

In other news, it’s snowing in Seattle. WHYYYYY. I have to go somewhere in a couple of hours too and I don’t want to brave the hill I live on. I already had one doctor appointment canceled due to the weather, can’t they just cancel both? They were only 20 minutes apart!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Had a sample of this tea hiding in my cupboard so I made the first steep last night and the second this morning. Western style in a teapot for 2 and 3 minutes.

First steep was very very vegetal. Green beans and peas and a bit grassy but not much. Very much what I expect a good Chinese green tea to taste like.

Second steep was still quite strong despite its age though there was less green beans and more grass. Good tea, would buy again.

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This is an interesting one. A green/oolong blend with bergamot and mint and probably other stuff but that’s what I’m tasting. It’s decent, and probably would be better iced but I have too many teas to drink stuff I’m just marginal on and oolong is just not my thing. Into the free pile at work it goes. Someone else can enjoy it.

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I know I reviewed this just yesterday but I decided to prioritise drinking this tea since coconut is just about the only tea ingredient that I know of that goes bad over time so I can’t let it age as much as the rest of my cupboard. I have another tin of this at home too, this is just the work stash.

Still fantastic. Even better than yesterday, actually, since I’m not eating anything right now to interfere with the flavour. This just hits the spot. I may start every morning with this for a while (after my daily chai).

Evol Ving Ness

Thank you for the reminder. I know this in theory, but you know, we, tea people, get side-tracked. On it. Today, I will shift a few of the coconut teas more towards the front lines of action.


Glad to be of service!


Old soapy coconut, blech! I have had citrus turn in tea too. Oranges especially get this alkaline tang that ruins the tea for me.


I guess I’ve never let a citrusy tea age that much as I have never noticed that, but I don’t get a lot of citrus teas in general. Coconut is definitely the worst though.

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This tea was made for me! I was a 52teas transition kickstarter backer and this tea was my reward. I’ve had it several times before but apparently I didn’t review it. Time to break that now.

I love it. I wanted a tea that tasted similar to a Samoa (the girl scout cookie) and while this doesn’t quite make it there, it is a valiant effort and a good tea in it’s own right. Chocolate, coconut, tastiness.

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This was hiding in the bottom of my drawer, not quite a sipdown, I think I have about a cup’s worth left but still pretty good.

Although, I was a bit distracted while drinking it. I brought it into a meeting about my salary review this year and was a bit preoccupied so I didn’t really give it the attention it deserved. It was a good meeting though!

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drank Golden Earl by Verdant Tea
624 tasting notes

I know I just had another tasting note on this but I was in the mood for a sipdown (kinda). This is the last of my original Golden Earl. I still have…quite a lot of the Reblend since I bought out their stock when Verdant decided to retire it but this rids myself of a bag at work. I also put another of their teas (Silk Road) into the free tea box in the break room because I can’t see myself drinking the rest of it anytime soon. I know a lot of people love oolongs but they are just not my thing.

I made this in my adorable one-cup bunny teapot that I brought into work yesterday. It is inspiring me to drink more tea. I’m also experimenting to see if caffeine has started to affect me since I have been caffeine insensitive previously but a couple of sleepless nights over the weekend made me wonder. I have insomnia anyway so it might be unrelated but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

This is still tasty, but not as good as the reblend. I’m not sad to see it go since I have the reblend but it was good while it lasted. This is one of the few blended Verdant teas that I wish would come back. When I run out, I may have to email Verdant to see if I can get any ingredient list and try to make my own.

Alas, now it is time to work.

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Still my favourite vanilla tea. I let it steep a bit long so it was a bit bitter and of course I forgot I was drinking it so it’s luke warm now but I still like it. Yum Yum Yum.

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drank Raspberry Vanilla by Zen Tea
624 tasting notes

Still a very good tea, even with how old it must be now (I’m afraid to check). The raspberry is a little bit up front and much more in the aftertaste and it’s quite creamy. The rooibos is pretty subdued to my taste buds, which is good because I’m not a huge fan of it.

Such an enormous task list at work today, hopefully this tea will help me get through the morning items.

195 °F / 90 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Single, vegetarian, asexual, 5 cats. Airplane Engineer. I drink most of my tea with a bit of sugar and all the ones with a black tea base with a little bit of milk too. I’m super sensitive to bitterness and spiciness so I tend to avoid those.


Renton, WA, USA

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