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Cinnamon, strawberry, watermelon, ginger, chestnut. It seems we like to flavor our hair colors similar to our tea. I’m trying to decide what new hair color I will be getting with the “new me” on Friday. Decisions, decisions.

While I’m pouring over the google-verse of flavors of hair, I’m trying to also come to terms with this tea.

First time I tried it, I did a flash cold brew. It was ok, kinda-ho-hum. I could make out the watermelon and a bit of the mint, but although I could see drinking it in summertime, it didn’t really strike me as remarkable.

Tonight I tried a 2 minute infusion blended with Wild Orange Wulong tea from Teavana. I think the shorter steep plus the citrus really enhanced the overall profile. I could taste the tea, but the melon was also much more noticeable up front. It reminds me of Jolly Ranchers Watermelon which I loved as a kid, but not so much in my tea. Still, I liked the blend better than the two separately, so maybe there is something here to explore.

Oolong hair color? Now that could be unique.

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I vote for cinnamon hair, haha! Great colour, great smell!!

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Finally had a chance to sit down and give this tea some of the attention it deserves.

Thank you to Columbia Kate’s for sending me this sample to try.

Dry, the aroma is like opening up a bag of summertime. The orange creamsicle makes its presence known, in a very pleasant way.

I did 1 tsp for a little over 8oz, I think I will add more and steep longer next time. The aroma is still there, but the tastes are a lot more subtle. The rooibos comes through nicely and there is the after taste of the orange. The fruit flavors become stronger as the tea cools. I do get a bit of the almond as well. I bet this would be very refreshing iced at summertime.

Creamsicle in a tea, love this for the summertime nostalgia. Great idea.

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I’m currently sipping on my 2nd infusion of this tea, while trying to make the ever-so-challenging woman’s decision to get her long hair cut short. Just agony, I say. Agony.

Anyways, this tea both soothes and energizes while I fight to come to a decision… on the hair, not the tea. The tea is much easier.

This is a great tea for any day or everyday. I can see this tea being pleasing to a wide audience. With my first sip the creamy smoothness jumped out at me and I immediately decided I wanted to have it iced. Great decision that was.

2nd infusion is also very flavorful, with no bitterness or astringency. The lemon for me just creates a nice balance, and does not give a strong citrus tone. The cream is very welcome, and reminds me a little bit of my French Earl Grey.

I used 1 tsp for 8-10 oz. This created a nice medium caramel color, and light to medium body. I might try adding a little more tea and steep longer next time to intensify some of the more subtle flavors. Very enjoyable none the less.

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I enjoyed a sample of this lovely blend this evening.

Smells faintly like a prairie in fall. Very light in color, a mixture of dried blossoms, lemongrass and green rooibos.

1 heaping teaspoon for 8 oz. 1st steep I did was fairly short, only about 2-3 minutes. Light caramel in color. Medium body with the chamomile taking center stage. Vague hints of smokiness and spice hangs on the edges of the tongue as a final note. Smoother than I expected. I was sad I finished this so quickly.

2nd infusion was for 4 minutes and was as strong in flavor as the 1st, but now more of the rooibos and cinnamon stand out alongside the chamomile without being overbearing. My tongue feels a tad dry if I wait too long between sips, which wasn’t noticeable on the 1st infusion. Still a pleasant, complex and subtle experience.

Overall, very lovely. I recommend for anyone who enjoys a good chamomile tea. I’m glad I have enough to make another cup of this.

EDIT: Overall I got a total of 4 infusions. The 3rd and 4th were mostly chamomile, but smooth with no hint of bitterness.

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Oh my, big thank you to momo for giving me this idea.

Tea_bird Cacao Bliss:

1/3 cup of 1% milk
1/3 package of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate mix
1.5 tsp of tea

Heat milk. Add mix to milk. Steep tea in 12oz of 195F water for 2.5 min. Add tea to milk. Find a comfy couch with your fav Netflix episodes with a warm fleece blanket. Sip and enjoy!

Wonderful, simply wonderful.
Smiles from this are totally worth being wide awake at bedtime.

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Alas, like a lady waiting, glancing at her watch for her date, I’m feeling a little stood up.

Not a good way to start the morning.

My mango, where have you gone? I’ve tried to blend this tea a couple times now with other citrus or fruity teas, and I’m not finding as much of the mango & sweetness as I did the first brew. The spice from the curry and ginger tends to overwhelm all the other flavors, leaving a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. Perhaps I can find it again with the right time/temp, but my wake up mate tea needs to be a bit more forgiving in the morning. A shame.

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Haha! Stood up by the Maaaango! Hope it finds you again :-)

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I adore raspberries. As a kid my hands were always stained red during the summer from picking wild raspberry bushes. So, I can’t pass up a raspberry infusion with a mate as a pick me up in the morning.

Dry it smells of fresh lemongrass and raspberry. But Wowee! is it ever tart! The tartness hides any evidence of the mate, but I do feel the caffinee in the morning. I can’t drink this tea by itself, but I mix it with a variety of fruity herbals or oolong, and fill my morning tumbler for the trip to work. I’m not sure if I would purchase it again, but it is growing on me and it does get me going in the morning.

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Oh, I’ve had those raspberries moments too, except I wasn’t as neat as you were, my mom tells me I had a berry face coming out of the bushes! Sigh, nostalgia….

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No notes yet. Add one?

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I so want to like this tea.

Dry, it smells wonderful. Steeped, it gives of a great aroma too, and is a very pretty dark pink/purple color. Fruit tastes are refreshing, tropical and exotic. I just can’t get past the heavy aftertaste of what another reviewer called perfume. Usually I don’t mind rose, so maybe its the artificial flavoring. I’ve tried blending this with other teas, but have not found the right match.

Maybe if I steep it at a different temperature I can get the fruit without as much rose/floral.

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As much as we’d like to, we can’t like them all now, can we?


That is true. It’s an odd relationship with tea. Sometimes I just want to say, “It’s not you, it’s me”. We just aren’t meant to be.

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A hot pot of tea was always a staple in my childhood. Mom used to get these wonderful herbal teas that were just so comforting.

Leaving home, I would always enjoys the gifts of tea from my mom, but could never find the same satisfying experiences from Celestial Seasoning and similar brands. I lost my way from tea for many years.

Recently a friend introduced me to Teavana loose teas. What a treat and re-awakening of my love for tea. Now I can’t get enough of this new “world of tea”. What a fun journey to embark on!


Mid-Atlantic, USA

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