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drank Orange Pekoe by Red Rose
5 tasting notes

A familar fave, a thermos of this with milk managed to get me through the work day. Reminds me of my Mom and Grandma who always have/had red rose in the tea pot.
Had to add a tasting note as I tasted it throughout my day! I think I will bring another thermos tomorrow along with my regular mug of tea – Its a hard one to mess up which is awesome for rushed mornings.
I would recommend this tea to anyone who does not have definite preferences when it comes to the quality of black tea they drink and anyone who ever enjoyed a tea party at my house growing up cause this is what was served!

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
5 tasting notes

After reading the other tasting notes I definitely wish I had coconut rum and cream on hand… sailor jerry’s and 1% milk just doesn’t sound quite as good. The first time I tried Tropicalia, it didn’t really impress me but I think I expected the taste to be more pineapple-y than pina colad-y (very technical terms, I know :) Today I was looking for a caffeine free option to enjoy while winding down after work and I am glad I gave this another go. And I have actually added more hot water to my french-press mug so I must reeeeeeally have changed my mind about this one. I am just letting it steep away between sips, although much weaker flavour it still made a second great cup of tea. I am looking forward to having this iced, which will probably use up the rest of my pkg and I will probably pick up some more when re-stocking next. The hearts are a cute touch but like other tea lovers had noted before me the blend is a little on the heavy side. It has a baked-good like smell at first and tasted fruity, sweet and a little creamy too.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes pina coladas, fruity light herbal teas and picturing themselves on the beach.

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This is one of my longtime favourites. Its not very fussy, steeping time and water temperature don’t need to be scientifically calculated. It lives up to its name of whole fruit, you can eat most of the tea dry (some of it would be much too crunchy haha). I have made quite a few people fans of this tart, juicy, bright red berry tisane. Makes great iced tea but tonight I am enjoying it hot. I usually have this on hand and its a good go-to when I want something familiar.
I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes fruity/berry and not too sweet tisanes.

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
5 tasting notes

Yum! Although there is nothing AmAZiNg!!! about this tea, I really liked it. It smelled delicious when I was lucky enough to a Davids store in Calgary yesterday, the sales gal said people even put this in their granola and I can see it.
It smells like oatmeal cookies, you can tell even from the smell that it will be sweet. The smell is relaxing and comforting. I let it steep over 8 mins and it just kept tasting better. It will probably be one we keep around although like I said there isn’t a huge wow factor – just a really good tisane.
I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes mild herbal teas or cinnamon baked goods. Or anyone who forgets and leaves their teas steeping a longer time than they intended – with this one it wouldn’t matter!

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If I had smelled this tea in the store, I never would have bought it. As it is, after ordering it online it has sat in my cupboard for well over a month (an extreme rarity) due to smelling more like oregano than kiwi. Maybe I do not have such a refined nose or tea smelling palate but I know what I like. I must have felt “adventuresome” this morning and made a mug. It smelled great steeping and I knew I would like it right away (and silently kicked myself for not trying it earlier :)
There definitely isn’t a strong green taste but that isn’t a bad thing, just a taste preference. Since I steeped/drank it from my french press style mug I expected it to get bitter in the last little bit but it didn’t. A very surprising cup of tea but I enjoyed it throughly. I am not sure I will buy it regularly but maybe in the summer time I would get some to make ice teas with (even though I found it tasty hot). I may brew it longer next time for a stronger taste, there is room for experimenting. I don’t know if I tasted it without knowing the name that I would think “oh, that’s kiwi tea” but I do see how the flavours work together kind of like the sweet/tartness of a kiwi.
I’d recommend it to anyone who likes fruity teas, lighter green teas or if you were looking to try something different. And will tell my sister about it later, I am sure she would enjoy.
I am pretty excited to have found steepster. Its funny this tea, one I have put off for so long, would be my first taste note or posting at all on this site. Thanks for reading! :)

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Thank you so much for this!! I was on the fence about trying this tea because of the ‘oregano’ odour but your post is making me adventurous :)

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