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Fasten your seatbelt

There’s something about a kiwi fruit that just makes us smile. It could be their cute round shape, or their fuzzy skin, or their bright green colour. But we think the best think about a kiwi is the taste – like a cross between a peach and a melon, only better. So it goes without saying that this kiwi-spiked green tea is a real treat. From the second the aroma hits you, you know you’re in for something special. Sweet, fruity, tart and lively, it’s an adventure you won’t soon forget.


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123 Tasting Notes

4480 tasting notes

I have enough for one more cup of this, which makes me happy because I think it’s a delicious kiwi tea! Now the hard part is deciding whether to enjoy it tomorrow and finish it right away or hoard that last bit for the ‘perfect occasion’.

I picked it today to pair with another green blend, in case I didn’t like the new one.

Also, I’m so glad VariaTEA sent me the sample, because I never would have bought it for myself. A) It’s a green blend and B) In store is always just smells like grass to me. Thankfully it brews up to taste nothing like grass!

I’m giving my rating a teeny little nudge closer to 100, and adding it to my shopping list.


I am glad you liked it :)

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357 tasting notes

This is still a lovely tea, but I’m reducing my rating as I’ve since tried many teas that I enjoy more than this one. It’s light and fruity, but now I feel it needs a bit more tea leaves versus the other ingredients.

It’s such a light tea that I mistook it for a white tea this morning when I was sipping on it. I think my taste has evolved towards a more robust tea. It’s still nice for when I’m in the mood for something light, but that has been becoming increasingly rare lately.


I definitely agree with your note! I find it’s best brewed strong, and as an iced tea, otherwise it’s just too light for my liking.


That’s probably how I should drink what’s left of my packet. To brew this one strong, do you add more leaf,steep it longer, or do a combo? I’m always concerned about bitterness when I try to make a strong green tea (although there is so much other stuff in this mix, that, my concern is probably unwarranted)


I haven’t tried this one before, but I usually just add more leaf to make a green tea stronger. Adding time usually makes it bitter, in my experience.


sounds good


Yes, definitely go with more leaves for this one!


Thanks Kat – will do :D

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576 tasting notes

Upped the rating; made this iced. This is so much better as an iced tea over brewing hot. I can taste the kiwi flavor better. Strange! I made a second glass with a couple kiwi ice cubes and that was even better.

A side note: I tried blending this with a strawberry herbal tisane and the result was surprisingly good.

In conclusion – either iced (with or without matching ice cubes) or pair with a strawberry tisane for the hot variety and I was much happier!


I’m imagining such a combination and I almost want to cry because I don’t have it.

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3134 tasting notes

NEW TEA FRENZY! Can’t believe my local DavidsTea had all three out today when I went to restock some Chocolate Cake! Nice surprise :D

Dry tea smells deliciously fruity, and although I might not have figured it out on my own, it does smell like kiwi. Interesting!

Steeped, it definitely has a different sort of fruity smell than usual. A sort of tropical fruitiness, but not pineapple.

The taste is sweet and light, and the aftertaste is of kiwi. No obvious green tea flavour, but I’m sure it adds body. There’s a small amount of kiwi-like tartness and astringency (definitely from the fruit, not the tea).

Overall quite pleasing! Better than some of the other greens I’ve tried from Davids lately. Not likely a re-stock, but I’ll have an enjoyable few cups of it :)

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Hmmm I guess I’ll have to try it! when I saw yet another fruity green tea from DT I was a little disappointing… but perhaps this will make the grade!!


This one sounds SO good because I love kiwi, by unfortunately I’m allergic to it :(


Aww, that sucks. I love kiwis. I feel lucky not to be allergic to any foods.

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514 tasting notes

Cute! I loved the colour of this tea – vibrant green! Total kiwi!
We just got a to go cup with a little bit of agave – but I found it quite sweet!
I didn’t like it enough to take some home with me, but honestly that’s because I spent more money than I thought I would stocking up on cupboard staples – so just no room for this one right now.

I’m not the biggest kiwi lover either – I think the tea lacked a tartness that I associate with kiwis. I rarely eat a ripe kiwi I guess, they’re always sour to me haha!

Does anyone else eat the outside of the kiwi too? I can’t stand peach fuzz, but I can handle kiwi fuzz. Maybe it’s weird – I learned it from my uber Scottish stepdad so maybe it’s a Scotland thing – I dunno! ;)

Anyways, the tea was alright, didn’t blow me out of the water, but sweet and a nice iced green tea!


I’ve heard of eating the kiwi skin before, but typically never did as I swear it accumulated cat hair like velcro. I no longer live with a cat, but still feel like I wouldn’t be able to get it clean enough to eat. I find it more bothersome than peach skin though (which I do eat)!


I lived by Orland California (my parents retired in the town of Paradise no kidding) where they grow kiwi and nobody eats skin! The fruit was never bitter or tart either. Trouble with transported fruit is they pick it underripe.


Oh…if ripe people cut in half and scooped out like a hard boiled egg and didn’t peel. A whole bag cost a dollar and you could get a bag of doubles that looked like green boobs!


mm sounds amazing! The best fruit can be found right where it’s grown, that’s for sure. I miss the okanagan… peaches and apricots drool.


Bonnie, that’s how I eat it!!
Oh man I have to try this tea. I was hoping it’d go on sample but it hasn’t when I was around… (for some reason the link on their website showing what’s on sample never works for me)


I’m allergic to kiwi…. It really stinks because I love it a LOT


I’m allergic to potatos so no french fries! Which would you rather have …hum?
(I can have yam fries) …and no…catsup (allergic to tomatoes) …but mayo and mustard ok.
Ain’t life grand!


yam fries are amazing, love them!!
I wish someone would make a yam tea…


yes. yes yes yes. I would drink a yam tea.

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1355 tasting notes

This morning I was woken by the sound of my husband shouting “Oh my God!”. Immediately I woke up and was rushing out of bed when he came in and told me that he saw a Red Platty fish baby in our small upstairs tank. They used to have babies a lot (and I mean a lot) but for the better part of a year it stopped but it would seem the change into a smaller tank while our large one is on the mend is all they needed. It’s nice to get some good news for a change :) Though in reality I know it doesn’t mean the fry shall survive, but I’m really hoping.

In raw form this tea smells like fresh apple with a slight citrus kick. Very sweet and juicy. Not really getting the Kiwi come through but I only have enough tea for one pot so maybe this sample just doesn’t have much Kiwi in it…just a thought.

Once steeped this tea is dark yellow in colour with a slightly sweet apple and kiwi. By kiwi I mean it smells fruity and sour that resembles kiwi but I would not know if I hadn’t read it.

In flavour this is gentle in depth with a sweet grassy apple flavour and an after taste of lemongrass. There is also the same slightly sour fruity taste that’s in the smell which I’m calling kiwi like.

Very fresh and light, perfect for my first drink this morning.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec
Terri HarpLady

Yay baby fish! Tony’s (the boyfriend) has a 120 Gallon tank & I love it when there are babies, although it can get kind of crazy. We started out with a pair of bristle nose plekos (among other fish), & now the tank is swarming with them. We used to trade them to the guy at our fav fish store, but he retired & the store closed. Petsmart won’t take them, so Tony gave away one of the parents. Now some of the young are getting big enough to reproduce, so I’m not sure what his plan is, LOL. We also had a very lively reproducing group of platies that Tony’s sister gave him. After awhile he gave them back, LOL. They were just too prolific!


It’s amazing how small the babies are. They just look like a see through blob with huge eyes :) Our big tank is 160 litre but we still have to wait and see if the repair has taken. If not we are going bigger. Rather than fish babies we have hundreds of cherry shrimp babies. They just breed like crazy but I love watching them swim around.

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442 tasting notes

Yum, I love this tea. It is sweet and mellow and just exactly what I had been hoping for when I first smelled it. I can see why it is described as a blend of peach and melon because yeah, that’s exactly what it tastes like to me. I can’t wait to try this one iced because I suspect it is going to be amazing served on ice with raspberries.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

do you freeze your raspberries or throw them in fresh?
I ask because I want to do this exact thing, it sounds delicious :D


can’t wait to try it, have not been crazy about the latest DT’s, but I have a feeling this one is worthy!

Tina S.

I’ve tried it both ways, DaisyChubb! My favourite though is using frozen raspberries as ice cubes. It always makes people smile when I make them a drink.

Tina S.

I agree with you TheTeaFairy, there have been few this year that have excited me. I suspect that’s why I’m going tomorrow to get an entire tin of this one. I don’t believe yet that it truly exists!


Love the raspberry idea!


Awesome thanks!
I’m definitely picking this tea up next time I’m in DT :D

Tina S.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, DaisyChubb!


Raspberries, yum! I can’t wait to try this one!

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: Fruity with the kiwi making a primary appearance and the apple sweetening the nose. The tea taste is apparent, but sits in the background.

Liquor: Green-gold liquor, clear and aromatic with the fruit above the green tea.

Flavour: Interesting kiwi notes are prominent with the citrus note supporting this. The apple pieces are sweetening the liquor and the green tea notes are apparent and add a soothing and classic roundness to the blend.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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8245 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! Thanks to courtney for sending this my way in our last swap :) I think my favourite thing about some of my swaps is getting to try david’s teas which i just don’t buy for myself 98% of the time. This one intrigued me simply because i haven’t tried many (any?) kiwi flavoured teas. Not sure that i get the full on “kiwi” flavour in this one, and the green base is not entirely really sort of there but this is a nice enough tea. Nothing i’m dying to keep in my cupboard but i’d drink it again from time to time. :) thanks courtney!


I just finished this off as well. I’m not amazed by it, I don’t really taste the kiwi everyone else seems too hah.


with you there…it’s like it could almost be kiwi if i closed my eyes and really thought about it

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709 tasting notes

This one surprised me. I had been wanting to try it (Hello – kiwi?!?!) but was hesitant as it’s a green tea. We grabbed it to go as the iced tea of the day yesterday and I must say it was good. It was quite weak, which was only hampered by the additional ice they added (anyone else notice how little tea volume you get with the TotD?) but I really enjoyed it. The green tea was not present at all, but there was the taste of something definitely kiwi. Worth playing around with to try to increase the strength but I managed to resist the urge. For now. : )

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