Have been drinking this tea off and on for a while now, as it is one of the few teas in the cupboard. Now seems like a perfect time to sit down, relax, and write something up.

Removing this tea from its tin resting place I am immediately struck with the scent of loving, caressing, vanilla. Underneath, a slight smell of cinnamon comes forth, surrounding the smell of rooibos, bringing forth an almost marshmallow smell. At this point I am feeling relaxed, I almost want to just sit and continue smelling this tea, simply because it is so pleasant.

Snapping myself out of the daze, I prepare the tea. Boiling water for 5 minutes as instructed. As the water gently begins to embrace the tea leaves, the lovely scent of vanilla begins to dance up from my cup to greet me. That same marshmallowy-vanilla scent with cinnamon spice undertones is now fully steaming from the light creamy liquid resting in front of me.

I raise the mug to my lips and take a sip. Vanilla, sweetness, light cinnamon, and mint. The vanilla flavour is the first to hit, though not quite as strong as strong as the scent it gives off, which is somewhat underwhelming, though that could simply be personal preference. There are some light cinnamon undertones at the sides of my tongue and a sweetness that is left behind on my lips. After this has passed I feel a light almost minty aftertaste on my tongue, which I assume to be the rooibos as that has been a singature of my experience with it.

Now my mug is empty, still wafting that lovely vanilla scent, I am fully relaxed. My throat feels a little dry, which I have been told is common with lower grade teas, and my lips and tongue are coated in a pleasant, sweet aftertaste.

This tea spins an image into my imagition of a younger, gentle female. She is very kind and loyal. She looks out for those who are close to her. Whoever chooses to love her she will love back consistently for as long as she is able. She tends to avoid excitement, preferring to settle down with a nice book. She grew up in a wealthy family so she does tend to spend more money than the average individual, in some ways making her more of a “gold digger” as she likely will only be introduced to those of a higher social standing.

This tea is kind of pricey for the product that you get. It is a nice relaxation tea that produces many lovely aromas. As with most Tazo brand teas, this tea seems to be designed with Starbucks signature drinks in mind rather than straight consumption. Sweetening this tea will really accentuate the vanilla flavour and make for a more creamy style drink if that is what you are interested. I would recommend this tea to those who are interested in recreating Starbucks style drinks at home to save some change.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Someone who is enjoying enjoying tea.

I am fairly new to the world of tea, and as such am interested in tasting any and every tea I can get my hands on.

I believe that every tea has its own story to tell, and is just waiting for someone to take the time and care to listen.



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