So, a while back, I was taking stock of my tea purchasing patterns and had noticed that they had somehow devolved to the point where they could easily be summarized as “just send all my tea money to 52teas,” which, while certainly a sound tea buying strategy that will yield a lot of nifty, delicious tea, meant that I found myself without some of my staples (NEED MOAR EARL GREY). So I consciously tried not to be tempted whenever the weekly notification of a new blend came up. BUT! When I saw that Frank had reblended this AND the coconut cheesecake honeybush, I knew there was no way I could resist. Grabbed both, and a few days later here we are, which is interesting because usually my 52teas orders take a while to arrive (<= note, this is not a complaint, I love my free shipping forever, I’m just stating the facts). This time I got them…2 days after I ordered? Something like that. I can only assume that Frank offered the post office free tea to get that kind of result!

But! On to the tea! This is SO good, it’s got that genuine blueberry flavor going on (actual blueberries, not vaguely blueberry-ish flavoring) and it’s got this lovely kind of toasted honey taste to it that is VERY reminiscent of pastry. It’s always very interesting to me to see how teas try to evoke the taste of food, because I think texture is a HUGE component of the eating experience (obviously, since that is what all my food dislikes are based on) and with it out of the picture it becomes much harder to actually evoke something specific. Choosing to concentrate on the honey-like glaze that you get on good pastry is a really great way to go about it.

The overriding taste I get from this is definitely blueberry, though, it just seems to suffuse the entire tea. I get less creaminess about it, although that becomes stronger as the tea cools, as does the pastry-taste. I think I’ll have to try this with a bit more leaf next time to see if that strengthens the other tastes.

Edit: Had to go shopping and come back to realize this, but my room now smells like blueberries :D

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I’m a Pole who grew up in Texas, is currently a graduate student in California studying Japan. How’s THAT for random?

Being Polish, my family has always drunk a lot of tea, and I am no different. I may drink more tea than water. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’m very particular about it; I’m generally pretty careless with steeping times and water temperature and I don’t even have a proper teapot (mostly because the lid broke during the move to California ;_;).

I always drink my tea unsweetened and I only add milk in the case of the most egregiously chai-ish of chais. (not really a big fan of milk in general)

Given that so many of my entries seem to be about my morning tea, I felt I should add something here about me and mornings: I fail at mornings. I fail at them a LOT. Therefore I often also fail at proper tea making in the mornings.


Santa Barbara

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