Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea

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Black Tea
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Blueberry, Bread, Cream, Pancake Syrup, Pastries, Smooth, Spices, Sweet, Fruity, Malt, Vanilla, Berries
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  • “I am REALLY tempted to get the iced version of this. REALLY tempted. My one hold up is how much I like it with milk and sugar, though… you can’t exactly do iced tea with milk unless it’s like a...” Read full tasting note
  • “Mini sipdown. I have officially finished up the last of my first package of this one. I have an unopened package still sitting in my cupboard but i’m fairly certain that will just be tossed into...” Read full tasting note
  • “This tea is officially my favorite tea. I have put my order in for a pound! Frank has kindly said yes to my request and if all goes well with the mail, I will be receiving a beautiful pound of tea...” Read full tasting note
  • “This was my first cup today. Had a late start, but it was so nice to get some extra sleep! This tea is perfect as a breakfast tea. Went nicely with my toast topped with butter and blueberry jam!...” Read full tasting note

From 52teas

This tea was originally crafted by Frank back in 2010. I have since reblended this tea twice, once in May 2017 and again for our special FUNdraiser in October 2017. I’ve had a lot of requests for it since then – so I put it on this year’s poll and it received a really impressive number of votes. No, it wasn’t the top vote-getter but it received more than enough to be part of this year’s box.

I stayed as true to the recipe as I possibly could. I did not have the Fujian black tea that I used in the previous FUNdraiser blend, but I did have a slightly different Fujian black which I utilized instead – in addition to an Assamica grown in the Yunnan province, a tippy Yunnan Imperial and just a touch of Ceylon to round out the flavors of these rich black teas.

Here is the previous description of this tea – which includes descriptions from previous descriptions (including Frank’ original description):

This is my second batch for this reblend – I first reblended it earlier this year for the featured reblend for May. Sadly, I didn’t make nearly enough for the demand that would follow the release of this tea, so I decided I should reblend it again. This time around, I’m reblending it as part of a fundraising trio (along with Chocolate Eclair & The Vanilla Marshmallow). I made a large batch this time around, so hopefully in addition to the pre-sales, there will be enough left over to please the customers who missed out on this blend back in May.

My previous description went like this:

Well, it’s Retro Monday, so this month’s Featured Reblend is also our Retro Monday Tea! This time around, I decided to go with a popular one that just narrowly missed out on the reblend roster when we had our start-up Kickstarter fundraiser. It’s been one that I’ve seen several people wish that I’d reblend on Steepster and even on Facebook and Instagram. So – without further ado – here it is: Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea.

The original version of this tea was one from Frank’s era that I remember fondly. I remember a strong blueberry presence, a soft note of tangy cream cheese and perhaps a hint of buttery pastry.

Frank described this tea as:

Here’s our premium Indian black teas (a little extra Assam in this blend since I envisioned it as a breakfast tea) blended with GREAT BIG, whole freeze-dried blueberries and natural flavors. I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY popular blend. Enjoy!

I do believe I did justice to the memory of the original blend. The base is different this time around – I used a blend of Yunnan Gold and Assamica grown in the JingMai Mountains and just a hint of Fujian black tea. These teas combine to create a solid, well-rounded flavor that is both robust and smooth. I didn’t use extra Assam here – because I felt that the base is perfectly balanced – both on it’s own and with the flavors of this blend.

The blueberry flavor is sweet and juicy. The cream cheese is smooth and tangy. Every once in a while, I taste something that mimics a buttery, pastry-like flavor. Yummy!

I stuck close to my recipe with this, but I did add some Assam to the recipe because after my first taste test, I thought it really needed that malty note to it and I just wasn’t getting the kind of malty I wanted from the JingMai Assamica. A big, bold blueberry note along with creamy, tangy cream cheese notes. This blend is absolutely fantastic (if I do say so myself!) Also, you may notice that there are calendula petals in addition to the cornflower petals. That’s because I had added some calendula before I remembered that I had cornflower! They really don’t add anything to the flavor – they just add a touch of pretty to the dry leaf.

If I reblend this one again, I may just end up making it a D’s Teas blend (aka our Permanent Collection) – if for no other reason than to reduce the size of the descriptions!

Oh, and YES! It’s VEGAN, gluten free & allergen free!

ingredients: black tea, organic black teas, organic blueberries, organic cornflowers, organic calendula petals & organic natural flavors

About 52teas View company

At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

250 Tasting Notes

863 tasting notes

I am REALLY tempted to get the iced version of this. REALLY tempted.

My one hold up is how much I like it with milk and sugar, though… you can’t exactly do iced tea with milk unless it’s like a latte refrigerated. And that takes a whole lot of forethought, not exactly my strong suit.

Anyway, I had this with homemade coffee creamer (the vanilla cinnamon recipe on this page: and it was PERFECT. This tea is flexible enough that it’s good no matter what I put in it, though – that’s why it’s one of my favorites!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I actually find this one works great cold brewed without milk, whereas when I drink it hot, it absolutely HAS to have milk. So maybe give it a try a cup’s worth? :)

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14571 tasting notes

Mini sipdown. I have officially finished up the last of my first package of this one. I have an unopened package still sitting in my cupboard but i’m fairly certain that will just be tossed into my swap box for someone who really loves this tea. Because i don’t. Not even really kind of sort of. Frank’s blueberry zabaglione is better and even that one was not the blueberry pastry/dessert tea i was hoping for. It makes me sad…i had such high hopes for this one..

(on the plus side? I’m down to 210!! I could totally make it to 200 by next weekend…which would be a week early! go me!)


10 sipdowns in a week is nothing for you! You’ve got it. You’ll be under 200 before your Verdant teas arrive. :)

Also, I totally didn’t get the fuss about this tea.




Haha ze – thanks!
Cavo – I’m waiting on kittenna to try the sample I gave her so I can find out if its another instance of reblend sucks syndrome :)


I’ll get to it :P


Wow, congrats! I need some of your determination.

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160 tasting notes

This tea is officially my favorite tea. I have put my order in for a pound! Frank has kindly said yes to my request and if all goes well with the mail, I will be receiving a beautiful pound of tea in two weeks!

It is just as delicious every time I sip it. I am almost out of my 2oz pouch that I received, not that long ago. The tea smells so rich and delicious. I love that the smell of the brewing tea invades my entire house. It could easily be confused for someone baking a blueberry pie. Delicious. 

It tastes sooo good. I finish my cup and actually have to practice self restraint in order to not make and finish one cup after another in quick consecutiveness.   
The sweet blueberry and the taste of fresh backed goods makes me smile every single time.

I can’t wait for my pound to arrive… I feel like it will be the first pound of many that I will have to order. It really is THAT good! 

On a side note— 100th tasting note!!!! Yay!!!


YAY!! Congratulations on both the pound of tea and the 100th tasting note!! :D


oh wow congrats on 100 notes!!!:)


Congratulations on reaching 100 tasting notes! I agree, this is a fabulous tea. Probably my favourite 52teas blend (well, tied with the Malted Chocomate).

Will Work For Tea

Way to go on the milestone tasting note! That’s great that Frank is reblending this for you! I’d love to buy a pouch of this from him, if he’s reading this! Waiting to order again from him so I can try a couple new teas that pique my interest, in addition to ordering the five I need to restock (specifically the Forest Berry Silver Needle!).




Woot! Congrats! This tea sounds lovely!

Invader Zim

Congrats on 100! and the pound of tea!


Congratulations! Both for 100 notes and the awesome tea!


Yay! A whole pound! HOW COOL! Oh yes Will Work for Tea – I love the forrest berry silver needle! Both are excellent !




A whole pound…that’s commitment! Nice to have a dependable standby that you don’t have to keep replenishing, though.


Congrats on 100 notes!

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818 tasting notes

This was my first cup today. Had a late start, but it was so nice to get some extra sleep! This tea is perfect as a breakfast tea. Went nicely with my toast topped with butter and blueberry jam! Yum yum!

I have to confess that later, I went out for a Starbucks frappuccino! Gasp! ;) I tried their new caramel ribbon crunch frapp, which was like the caramel one bumped up x10! I skipped whipped cream, but I’m sure the sugar was on overload. Talk about a sugar bomb! Utterly delicious though!!


Yes on the ribbon crunch. The cookie crumble they have, if you haven’t tried it, I was disappointed. Too much junk floating around. I like to drink my beverage, not eat it. As for this tea, I think I have to buy some, everyone has been drinking this lately.


I get my frappuccino’s made with half base, half syrup. I just can’t do that much sugar anymore, and it makes me feel old. They just need to add a little extra milky stuff so it blends. The liquids have been calculated exactly!


I hate the cookie crumble…but ribbon crunch….heeeeeellllllllssssss yes!


Lol! I’m glad I’m not the only tea lover who still likes frappuccinos!


I messed up and went for the cookie crumble last week. And hell yeah to this tea.


I like the cookie crumble better than the caramel ribbon. I find the caramel ribbon doesn’t even taste like caramel because it BURNS it’s so sweet. _ What I did though, was I got a crème based frappucino with no flavor syrup, got the dark caramel sauce, and the crunch sprinkles, no whip no caramel drizzle. Now that was really good :)

I also love the java chips in the frappucinos. xD I only drink maybe 2 frappucinos in a year (before I started working there, I essentially never had them. Some years I’d get one, most years I wouldn’t) but I pretty much always add chips. xD My favorite frappucino is vanilla bean with chips, no whip. Tastes like an oreo cookie :)

If you’re like me and don’t like them as thick, I recommend asking it for light ice (if they try to clarify say ‘one scoop down’) and then it’s actually drinkable without turning into unflavored slush.

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1792 tasting notes

Three pouches later and I can now say that it’s a sip down. Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish and I really aren’t ending on a good note for a number of reasons:

1. I had almost three cups worth of dry leaf left but wanted to get it over with, so I made a Nordic mug’s (two cups worth). Despite brewing it at cooler temperature and not too long, this last bit has turned out bitter.

2a. These reblends in general have gone quite downhill. It is not at all how it used to be. No matter how I brew it, I can’t get those creamy and pastry notes any longer.

2b. Didn’t work as a cold brew either. All base and almost no blueberry. But it may be a reblend issue.

2c. The resteep isn’t what it used to be. The second steep used to be heavenly. The base would mellow out and the creamy and pastry notes would pop. No additives necessary. Again, most likely a reblend issue.

Unfortunately, this tea stopped being a 100 about 1.5 pouches ago, but I’ll leave it as is. I truly believe my tastes didn’t change when it comes to this tea. Oh well, onto better things!


So sorry this one let you down :-(
As you said, on to better things, there are tons of succulent teas awaiting for some Fjellrev love!!


I’m also having problems with (many) of the reblends. I’m wondering where the disconnect lies…


It’s no loss either way. :)

It could be a number of things: different base, different flavouring components, blending method, etc. Too many, really! But that said, I hope you don’t have too much to work through, MissB.

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6073 tasting notes

Thanks to Sil for letting me sample some of her reblend. Unfortunately, this tea didn’t get proper treatment – I brewed a bunch of things up yesterday, then no longer felt like drinking tea, so I stuck things in the fridge. Ended up drinking this one cold, and although it did taste like blueberries, it really didn’t taste like the BCCD I previously had. However, I also didn’t drink that one iced, so I’ll have to give this one a proper go next time.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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639 tasting notes

I have been waiting to try this tea for an entire YEAR!!! So, a gigantic, enormous, heartfelt, sincere THANK YOU to Ninavampi, who makes dreams come true! :D

Finally, the day is here and I get to try what is sure to be an amazing tea! As soon as I opened the package from Ecuador, I could smell blueberry! It’s definitely a 52teas blueberry aroma. It’s very reminiscent of BOO-berry. I’m so excited!!!

In my opinion, it requires milk and sweetener to take it from great blueberry tea to blueberry cream cheese danish heaven. As I usually find with 52teas blends, the cream cheesy-ness could be stronger. I want my pastry teas to SCREAM pastry, and this one only whispers it. Regardless, it is still very very uber-delicious! Yum! I’m going to go make another cup right away because I find myself suddenly staring into an empty cup. Thanks again, Ninavampi!!!! You’re the bestest!! :)

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

I’m sooo happy you liked it! It is my all time absolute favorite tea! :) I am happy I get to make your dreams come true! ;)

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576 tasting notes

Brewing this one again. I’m not feeling well today (came into work just for a half day) so I need something mellow and warm. Blueberry danish won. I actually over-steeped it accidentally, but no worries. I can’t re-steep it, but it’s a hearty, strong tea now. And I love the smell of blueberries as it’s brewing. YUMS!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Oh, I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks. I do too!! :(

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1186 tasting notes

I will preface this by mentioning I got rid of a lot of teas today!! I gave my mom a whole bunch when she came for a visit :) most of my minty herbal blends as she is enjoying mint lately, and some coconut ones too, coconut grove is her favorite so I gave her the rest of mine as well as my coconut oolong to try. And she got some other random herbals/white teas that I think she will like. Any she is not a fan of she is welcome to return to me haha. In return she brought me her bag of Fantasy Island, which is quite tasty, although she meant to bring me in her Pistachio and Cream tea and some of her Sugar and Spice. But she is bad with caffeine, so she was ok with getting rid of Fantasy Island (a giant 50 g bag though..I might give some back to her lol).

So yes, after our swap I made us both tea, hers was Big Apple by DavidsTea (which she enjoyed, so I gave her my bag with 1 cup left) and I made this tea. I haven’t had this one in AGES, like, since it snowed AGES. Haha, it definitely isn’t snowing today (+27 C, umm yeah very fall-like weather here lol) but it was definitely the tea I needed today! Creamy and berry tasting and good! I’m getting LOTS of cream today actually, I must have steeped it just right to get all that cream cheese lol, and maybe the bag sitting helped too. Oh, and this is the first batch of the reblend from a while back I believe, not too chemical tasting, and not the newest green tea blend. A lovely tea! See previous notes :)

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I just ordered more of this one. It’s so yummy!


It is quite good, I neglect drinking it way too much, I think it’s because it’s on the lower shelf of my tea shelf thing from Ikea so I don’t see it as often :( lol

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1184 tasting notes

This is so good! Thanks to Emilie for this sample! I am really glad that I got to try this one!

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits. This is pure, sweet, fresh blueberries upon first sip. And the aroma is amazing. Then comes the sweet cream cheese with a little bit of tang. Then the buttery danish flavour. Yum!

I would have a hard time not buying this one if Frank re-blends this baby!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I’m hoarding the bag I have left! I definitely hope this is a reblend someday


Well thanks for sharing some with me!

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