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Oooo Another white tea that surprised me. This one smells like green apple jolly ranchers Hoooorah!

I would definitely buy this tea again, it is perfect as an afternoon brew and with its medium caffeine content, it won’t keep you up all night.

Edit: OH MY GOD, I just brewed another cup and this one smells SOOO good!! Im drooling waiting for this to cool down!

damn, slightly bitter. not sure what you can do to fix the bitterness, maybe steep less time?


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Alright, so I have a tea blog but I decided that it would also be beneficial to start putting some tasting notes up on steepster since I drink the teas more than once and I only post reviews on the blog once.

Shameless link (Coletheteaaddict.tumblr.com)

So this tea I have tried many times, each time hoping that I could get my moneys worth and at least have one decent tasting cup (out of the 2 oz minimum that the require you buy). But so far I have been only disapointed, how could they allow a tea like this to come into their collection?

The smell is overpowering, very similar to my glade apple cinnamon air freshener. This has a gross sweetness and an overpowering cinnamon flavor, and I am not getting the flavor of apple at all. I pushed myself through another glass of this, only to be disappointed yet again. Only 2 more mugs of it to go, and I do not look forward to it.

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