Big Apple

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Fruit Green White Blend
Apple, Artificial Flavouring, Green Tea Leaves, White Tea Leaves
Apple, Apple Skins, Bitter, Caramel, Cream, Butter
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185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 30 sec 4 g 29 oz / 861 ml

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There’s just something magical about New York City. We love the hustle and bustle, the excitement, and of course the food. Something about the words “big apple” just gets us salivating. Which is why we created this tea, a deliciously fruity blend of premium white and green teas with big pieces of golden apple. It’s fun, flashy and full of flavour – just like our favourite city.

Ingredients: White tea (Mao Feng), green tea (Wu Lu and Guangxi), apple, artificial flavouring*.

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108 Tasting Notes

357 tasting notes

I’m surprised how well this one did in my travel mug and thermos today. It was a lovely hot tea, but it was also nicely refreshing when it cooled down. I kind of want to try it iced, but part of me fears that it might be a tad too light a tea for that. I somehow didn’t get any bitterness at all this time, so I must have gotten the steep time, the temperature, and the amount of leaf just right. I really do love my black teas, but it’s still kind of nice to throw a light tea like this one in there every once in a while.

Today the weather warmed up a little earlier in the day than it was doing last week. I’m tempted to brew up some iced tea for tomorrow. I’m not sure what it is but I really don’t like drinking cold tea in my travel mug. If I want to take it out with me, I have to put it in a bottle, otherwise I have to just drink it at home in a glass. Of course my reusable bottles are packed up somewhere in a box for the duration of the reno, and I don’t think I’ll find it until we move back into our home in September. Hmmm…do I go out and buy another one, or just sit tight and hope I run across the right box?…cue the Jeopardy theme…

Aimee Popovacki

this one is DELICIOUS iced… lol don’t let the lightness of it fool you… the apple in it comes out really strong as well as hints of vanilla.. its beautiful iced… presidents choice used to have a pop in the fall and it was spiced apple.. it kind of reminds me of big apple iced.. but not as crisp as the tea!


mmm…hints of vanilla. I don’t think I’ve noticed that before, I guess I’ll just have to make some again soon :)

Aimee Popovacki

its very subtle but definitely noticeable when its iced.. haha I have never made it hot actually.. im not a huge fan of hot white teas.


Now I’ll definitely have to try this iced – that sounds yummy!

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3243 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (150)

Thank you Aimee Popovacki for this tasty tea. I drank up what Roswell Strange sent me yesterday and today I finished off the last of my second sample. It is a good tea and I am sure I will get more in the future but I just don’t know when in the future. So much tea, so little time but I am happy I got to try it.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

I love this one. I drink it more in the spring and summer, and it cold brews well too. A fave of mine for sure.

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1220 tasting notes

I drank some of this before I went to work (to drink more tea) and it seemed creamier today. I steeped it for right under 3 minutes. I think it tastes much better when you don’t follow the 3-4 minutes as instructed. 2 is probably the best.

It reminds me of apple juice but creamier, with just a little bit of green tea in the mix. Last time I was getting some spiciness but this time around I didn’t. I also brushed my teeth in the middle of drinking it, and that didn’t even adversely affect the flavor…in fact I kind of liked it even better!


lol, Ok now you have to tell us what kind of toothpaste you use! jk, jk

Terri HarpLady

LOL, I was gonna say that!


hahaha the flavor is Clean Mint I believe and it’s Crest :P


I tried this one for the first time this morning and brewed at 4 min, but it had some kind of unpleasant bitter taste. Maybe you’re right, steep time should be decreased, I’ll follow your suggestion next time ( however, I don’t have Clean mint Crest on hand at the moment!)

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3134 tasting notes

I don’t think I had yet tried this one hot, just cold-brewed, so decided to give it a shot today. The tea in the bag smells exactly like a tart, delicious apple, as does the steeped tea, which is very promising! However, even with a three-minute infusion, there’s enough bitterness in my cup to result in it being not particularly enjoyable. Which is quite unfortunate, as this is possibly the best apple tea I have tasted – not a granny smith, but a tart yet slightly sweet red apple (my fave!). I seem to recall being able to discern a vanilla flavour in the cold-brew; it’s not quite as obvious here, but there’s still a vanilla hint. I think I have enough of this tea to try one more cup, which (if I remember), I’ll try with a 2-minute infusion.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Daniel Scott

Interesting…they have a recipe for “apple cider” that involves simmering this one and Saigon Chai together for several minutes. I had to wonder about this one going bitter in that process.


Yeeeaah, this one seems to go bitter VERY easily/quickly. i wonder if a lower temp would help…

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1163 tasting notes

Sipdown of this one from earlier in the week. This was the first time that I drank this one hot and I much prefer it cold brewed. It was quite bitter brewed hot. I don’t think that it’s available anymore anyway.
I think I am decreasing the rating as well.


It was still on the webstie in white tea last I checked.




Oh, I must have missed it on the website! Silly me, sorry for the misinformation

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4541 tasting notes

I don’t care what DT says; keep the steep temp. on this one low! This has both white and green tea in it, and there’s definitely more leaf than added in fruit bits – so unlike Movie Night or some of the other white/green blends with high steep temps. you cannot get away with steeping this one like that!

That’s my little mini rant of the day; which I’m only pointing out because I nearly steeped this at that high of a temperature because I feel loopy and like I’m overheating (I am now convinced that I’m getting sick) and I wasn’t being the most tentative tea drinker/maker. I’ve made this mistake of doing this one at a high temp. before and it was sickeningly bitter and made me feel very nauseous – I definitely don’t need that now if I’m getting sick again.

But anyway; this is tasty (when done right)! Caramel Apple goodness!

Flavors: Butter, Caramel, Cream


deep breath…. :)


I feel you on the feeling loopy and overheating, I’ve been dizzy since the weekend and right now I’m curled up in front of an open window (in Toronto), eating a lemon ice. Feel better!

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767 tasting notes

omg i’m so excited!
omg what did i just do?!
i swear i was just gonna LOOK at the davidstea stuff…
but then all of a sudden i had The Earl’s Garden, Bamboozled, and Big Apple in my cart
TWO Timolino Travel Mugs?!?!?!, one White and one FUCKING AWESOME Mate Purple!!!!
i couldn’t help myself! it was just so beautiful!
our eyes met and my knees immediately went weak. and i’m so excited to hold it close.
also i left my timolinos at home today by accident. weird. and it’s also raining and snowing at the same time right now out my window. help me Big Apple.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I am heading over to DT on my lunch break to check out the new stuff. I was just eyeballing (eye-molesting, really) the timolinos online but told myself only if they have the colour I want! The new white elephant perfect tea mug WILL be mine though, oh yes.

Jackie O

the energy and excitement in this post just MADE my morning!!




2 timolinos! I’d be excited too! :D


Purple is my fav color so I had to look up that timolino (even though I already have a white one) and it is a beauty! Perhaps I also need two? haha


Seems like the elephant is the clear favorite! I want one too!

Hee – enjoy your timolinos!

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I didn’t get the mug because I’m worried the images won’t last, I can see an edge on it so I wanted to be safe…. Probably will go next payday though

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358 tasting notes

I love when companies send out samples with orders, because it usually means I’m trying something that I ordinarily wouldn’t have chosen for myself, like this one. I was surprised at how good the dry leaves of this one smell. There is a buttery sweet quality to them that reminds me a little of Movie Night, along with a fruity apple aroma. The flavor is very smooth and of sweet apple. There is a fresh, tart apple aftertaste that lingers. I usually find white teas too lightly flavored for my liking, but this one is amazing. Although the apple flavor is soft, there’s a richness to the apple and buttery flavors that’s very appealing. I would probably even order more of this one!

-Dry blend has medium and large pieces of brown and green tea leaves and twigs with large pieces of dried apples.
-Dry leaves smell buttery sweet with a note of fruity apple. Tea liquor aroma is of soft sweet apple.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium bright yellow color.
-Smooth sweet apple flavor and finish. Fresh tart apple aftertaste that lingers.
-Best with sweetener.
-Very good tea. Sweet and tart apple flavor with a hint of butteriness.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

This one is refreshing as an iced tea also

Josie Jade

I will have to try it iced when/if I get more. Thanks for the tip, canadianadia!

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655 tasting notes

I went to visit my old roommate, who happens to work at David’s Tea, the other day and really went overboard on buying samples (and mugs). I’ve found a new way to waste resources and procrastinate: hold heat-sensitive mug under hot water, while turning it slightly. The colour change lasts longer if a hot substance is actually in the mug so I promise I won’t do that horrible thing too often.

Most of the samples I picked up were winter teas but I also grabbed a few non-seasonal deviants under ex-roomie’s “persuasive” coaxing. Big Apple was one of the deviant teas; along with Buddha’s Blend. She was a huge advocate for Big Apple but told me that it’s tricky steep and should be left in cooler waters than suggested. With that tidbit I steeped Big Apple around the 70 Celsius mark.

Big Apple smells so strongly of apple that it should be no shock that it also tastes like apple. The exciting factors are the hints of vanilla and unidentified spice (cinnamon or nutmeg) that I get. The tea gives an overall impression of apple pie with ice cream or some other baked apple dessert. It’s buttery and gooey light like a doughy crust or melted ice cream. Cream white goes into a soft green spice and end with a fruity, teasingly tart, apple. I feel like I’m drinking a baked and generously buttered spiced apple, especially when it cools down. Aftertaste is mostly apple. No astringency at all.

At about 5 min with estimated 70-82 C water, the second steep still has some apple flavour and a mushy vanilla note but I’m not picking up as much spice, only the softest of coatings! The liquid still gives off the scent of spiced apple but the aftertaste has creamy white tea with a toned down apple. Third steep is very diluted but Faintly fruity and very buttery leaves.

I haven’t had Mom’s Apple Pie or Movie Night in a while but this reminds me vaguely of both of them. Big Apple is much more buttery than the former and doesn’t taste as oily and weak (tea-wise) as the later. I have to try it at the actual recommended temperature, but for now I’m satisfied with this tea.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

This is my favorite tea -you did a great job describing it – now I want some :)
You just reminded me that I need to try Mom’s Apple Pie – Thank you


I can see how this would be your favourite. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be so delicious- Best DT I’ve tried in a while and my favourite “apple” tea of theirs. :)


My first impression was that the tea tasted like apple pie with ice cream. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

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818 tasting notes

Blech. I’ve been on a flavored white tea parade for awhile, but this one just doesn’t work for me. I don’t think it’s the apple, and I hope not because I’m looking forward to trying mom’s apple pie soon. I think something went wrong with the steeping. I had this one a while back, sampling it at the store, but it didn’t have much flavor and I just thought they didn’t steep it to my liking. This time, I received it as a sample in my last order, and was excited to try steeping it on my own. I followed the parameters on the package, but it turned out very bitter, like the bitter peel of an apple. There was also a lot of sediment in my cup, which may have added to the bitterness. The cause could be the green tea that’s in the blend, or maybe I just oversteeped it. Oh well, probably won’t try this one again.


At least it was just a sample. Didn’t have to find out the hard way. There were a few DT’s that I bought on faith and was really disappointed. x_o;


Very true!

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