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So, I saw these TeaPops at the grocery store yesterday, and because I’m basically a slut for anything tea infused I had to pick up a box to try out. $6 for four Popsicles? Ugh; that’s kind of pricey, but damn gotta try ’em…

Honestly; this is a damn good Strawberry Popsicle. It’s super refreshing, and tastes like perfectly ripe, fresh and natural strawberries with the perfect balance of realistic sweetness. I’m really, really enjoying it. But that said, I don’t taste the tea at all. So, for that reason alone, I’m not gonna buy these again. At least, not this flavour. My grocery store carries two other varieties; this one uses Elderflower tea but the others use Green Tea and Rooibos, so who know’s maybe they’d be different…

Look at all those flavours, though! I swear, the best sounding ones are the ones that my grocery store doesn’t even carry. Pink Lemonade, Toasted Coconut, and Southern Iced Tea…


The Safeway flyer here is advertising these on sale this week yet the store near me doesn’t have them. Glad to hear I’m not really missing out.

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