1576 Tasting Notes

drank Coconut Chai by Zen Tea
1576 tasting notes

I don’t remember the last time I had so many teas in my cupboard. 72! That is crazy talk. I’m opting for this tonight because the weather is brutal and sucky in my neck of the woods. It’s cold, damp, and half rainy/half snowy.

Despite loving coconut and spices, I went into this chai not expecting much. My gut told me that the coconut was going to be soapy and the spices mild due to the licorice root. I know, I’m so optimistic, right? But sadly, I was right. The coconut is soapy, the licorice is drowning out the majority of the spices. To be fair, I’ve had much soapier coconut and more cloying licorice root. The ginger is more prominent than the cinnamon, and I can’t taste any cardamom, sadly. With half and half, the astringency of the base is toned down a little bit.

So glad they have 10g options. Is it sad that I’m not even sure if I can bring myself to finish it?

Oh wait, weird, a few minutes after I finished my cup, I’m picking up on the cardamom. It reminds me of the kheer I had earlier this way, especially blended with the coconut and cream.

If the coconut were fresher and the spices a little more balanced, this could have been pretty good.

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drank Canadian Maple by The Teaguy
1576 tasting notes

Thank you so incredibly much to the Teaguy for sending me a very generous parcel full of tea to try! It’s certainly motivating me to get back into tea at home, especially now that my new workplace doesn’t have a kettle in the break room. Oh well.

I opted for this first because I felt like something simple and sweet. There’s that classic maple note in there hovering over a slightly astringent base. I already had two cups and will have to go for another one and write a better note. This is what I get for writing this in hindsight due to NHL playoff distractions.

Next, I’ll have to try it with milk too. I had a maple latte at Second Cup the other day and I could barely taste the maple so I wonder how a maple tea latte would be.


jealous! also looking forward to seeing your reviews :)


I am so grateful for the opportunity. :D

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drank S'mores by Naked Teas Galore
1576 tasting notes

Coincidentally, I’ve been sipping on this while watching Jimmy Fallon x Good Mythical Morning’s “Will it S’more?” sketch. Totally not planned, I swear. By the way, I definitely recommend Good Mythical Morning to anyone and everyone. They’re hilarious and even after two years of watching them, I haven’t gotten tired of them.

This tea hit the wrong nerve for me. It does taste sort of like what I’d imagine s’mores to taste like (_still haven’t tried one), as it has a honey- and grainy-like graham nuance to it, but the chocolate and marshmallow are muddled and turn into a vaguely cloying mess on the palate. Maybe a touch artificial? Glad I only got a 10g sample because I wasn’t entirely thrilled drinking both mugs I’ve made over the past couple days. The base was rather dull, too. I was hoping for something a little more robust. I forgot that I was drinking tea.

On another note, time for an update and annoyingly ask my lovely Steepsterites for their wise feedback. Remember that former coworker who I asked for coffee and agreed to it but stated that he doesn’t date coworkers? I gave him my number, and that day before leaving, he came to my department and looked like he wanted to talk to me but my manager was taking forever with something and tying me up so he left. I thought, ok whatever, I’m sure he’ll text me later about whatever that was about, and I’d have the chance to then explain to him that I only gave him my number because I was anticipating getting a job elsewhere. Well, that was the last I ever saw or heard from him. He never worked on the same day as me since then, and never texted me. So I’m not sure what to make of it. I gave one of my male friends more details about our conversations and run-ins, and considering the fact that this former coworker is clearly shyer and quite a bit younger, my friend thinks that he may be insecure. Hmm. I also told my mom in detail about our exchanges, and how he was acting around me, and she thinks he is/was definitely interested in me, but that he’s probably intimidated by me.

Another odd thing about it is back in January I found him on Facebook and back then, he didn’t have much information about himself that was public. It may be a coincidence, but not long after I asked him out for coffee, he made it public that he’s single and that he attended a certain post-secondary institution here for a set period of time, but has that he attended grad school there even though they don’t have grad programs. Strange. I don’t want to read much into it, but I’m wondering why this all is. My gut is telling me that based on his position at work, he probably found out a lot about me, and I’m wondering if he’s intimidated by me too. I mean, by no means would I personally ever be but I’ve been told by several friends that they initially found me to be very intimidating. Who knows. On the other hand, another friend (she is the type of “friend” who never gives credit to anyone and thinks all these guys are in love with her while no one could ever possibly like you. You know, that kind) claims he just simply isn’t interested in me if he hasn’t texted me.

So I’m not sure whether I should just let it go and move on? Or would it be stalkerish if I were to send him a Facebook message just letting him know how it was a pleasure working with him and that I’m not longer working there because I have a new job? Because I’m not sure whether he’d know or not. My friends are telling me to just move on and forget about him while my mom thinks I have nothing to lose by messaging him. What does everyone else think?


you’ve got nothing to lose messaging him. Worse case he never replies so nothing lost. best case, you guys talk :) I’m all for taking chances ‘cause you never gain anything if you don’t.


I think there is no harm in sending a message! And I also love GMM.


I guess I’m always über conscious of freaking people out.

W00t, another GMM fan!


I’m in the “nothing to lose” camp too :)


Aww thanks!

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Bingo, not quite what I was expecting (oh boy, silly Matrix reference). The upside is the cherry here isn’t medicinal. It’s extremely similar to the maraschino note found in DF’s Easter blend. Sweet and syrupy, melting into the base. The coconut, on the other hand, is mellow, nutty, and buttery. No soap, but not like fresh or (unsweetened or sweetened) shredded coconut. All the rose haters ought to calm down because I didn’t get any rose in here whatsoever. I’m surprised it’s even supposed to be in here.

Come to think of it, these Naked teas tend to remind me of DF blends, but with weaker flavouring. I feel bad saying it, but it only makes me want to place a DF order rather than reorder any Naked teas.

And on that note, I randomly placed a 52teas order! I probably haven’t in in four years at least? Time sure flies. Seems like I missed out on quite a few good ones, but I figured I might as well treat myself and try out a bunch of them.

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Tea! I’ll just cut to the chase and say that I wouldn’t call this Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The half oolong base gives this a nutty flavour, reminding me of a banana nut muffin more than anything else. The strawberry is extremely gentle and I can smell the cocoa nibs more so than taste them. Very thin mouthfeel and not too astringent.

Overall, it’s decent but nothing special. There are a lot better chocolate strawberry teas out there.

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drank Swampwater by DAVIDsTEA
1576 tasting notes

It’s so good to be able to enjoy this again. I ripped through a whole jug of cold brew earlier this week, and couldn’t believe how concentrated the flavour was, so I kept refilling the jug every time I poured a glass. It kept going and going, still flavourful how many refills later. For reference, if I recall, I added around 12g of loose leaf to a 1.3 litre jug.

But embarrassingly, I’ve now had the filled jug sitting in my fridge for ahem nearly an entire week because I’ve been so busy with my new job, running errands, going apartment hunting, etc. It also sucks because at my new place of work, the setup with the offices, locker rooms, and staff room are so disconnected and in opposite sides and floors of the department store that it makes it difficult to so much drop off your lunch in the staff room before swiping in and putting everything else in the locker room. Such a bad setup so I haven’t even been bringing in bagged lunches yet, let alone figure out what to do for tea. So for now, I can only enjoy tea at home. Boo.

Nevertheless, I need to stop hoarding this since I got it back in October (man, that feels like yesterday) so it’s already technically not even that fresh although in my head it feels like I just got this.

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I really ought to write about teas when I drink them rather than go by memory, but it’s been an odd last month. That promotion even my manager thought I’d get? It went to someone else who has been with the company longer, which is understandable. I think they did me a favour anyway because I found out afterwards that it would have only been a 40 cent raise, plus I still wouldn’t have gotten FT hours or health benefits after three months. Why did they do me a favour? Because it prompted me to look elsewhere and within not even two weeks, I scored a FT management position, which pays quite a bit more and will give me health benefits too. I start in about a week!

So I drank both cups of this earlier in the week. The first time I had it, I was a little distracted going online apartment hunting. As a side note, my mom finally sold the house in the middle of nowhere, where all of my stuff from the West Coast has been since moving back, and the owners take possession at the end of April, meaning I now have/get to look for my own place, finally! The new job could not have come at a better time. With that said, I’ve been neglecting this whole tea thing.

In any case, cup #1 slightly grabbed my attention because it vaguely reminded me of something I had before but couldn’t put my finger on it. There’s coconut in here, so surely it must remind me of a coconut tea I’ve had in the past? Yet it doesn’t taste like coconut. Hmm.

The next day, I had the final cup. Paying more attention to each sip, this conjured up memories of DF. Which DF tea could this possibly be because none of the ones I’ve had contained coconut? Another sip, ok, I’m detecting a hint of orange in this, and maybe some chocolate. Huh, chocolate orange? Not quite. Then bingo! I taste… almond. Chocolate almond with a hint of orange. Velours Nacré! Unnecessarily long story short, this is so that. Maybe not as nutty but the coconut is definitely leaning more on actual almond-like nuts than coconut. Go figure. I went into this tea not expecting much, quite frankly, because I recall trying a couple of their teas at the Victoria Tea Festival years ago and not being impressed with anything. This is pretty darn good, however. I may consider scoring more if it’s still around next time I place an Amoda order.


Congrats on the new job!






Congrats on the new job! I had the same thing where I was told I was getting a promotion most likely and it fell through. Definitely worked out for the best though because it forced me to look for other and better things.


Aww, thanks all!

It’s funny how life sometimes works, hey VariaTEA? I’m so happy it worked out for you too. I’m really hoping you’re enjoying your new job and they’re treating you well.

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drank Berry Maple Waffles by Naked Teas
1576 tasting notes

This was one that I kept adding and removing from my cart whilst deliberating and placing my order because my gut was telling me that it wasn’t going to be the greatest, and I was right. It’s pretty much what I imagined: red berries with a dash of hibiscus. No maple. The base isn’t as astringent as I was expecting it to be considering it’s a Ceylon. Overall, this blend isn’t anything special. It tastes like a bagged tea I’d have at a restaurant when I’d feel like something more than water but calorie-free, you know? Not so memorable. I’m glad I only went wit the 10g size because I won’t be missing it once it’s gone.

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This makes a rather bitter cold brew, unfortunately. I used around 10g of leaf in my 1.3-ish litre jug so I wonder if I dialled it back a bit on the dry leaf, it would have turned out better. The liquor was a bright green so I knew right away it was going to go south. The fruits were muted and lovely, so this does have potential, but I’ll have to experiment with this further.

It’s been nearly two months since I fainted and screwed up my neck, and it’s still sore, so I’m sitting here feeling useless and wanting to go back to the gym but not sure if I should yet? I could always use these days off as an opportunity to tackle my new teas, though. Hmm.

Super Starling!

I’ve had success making it hot, then icing it. I really love this one, and I hope you can figure out a way to make this one work for you! Also, feel better. I’m out of the gym game this week, too — a cold went into my asthmatic lungs.


Ah, I normally don’t like that method, but it does seem like a way around ending up with a bitter green iced/cold brew tea.

Thanks! I just don’t know if I should go to the doctor at this point because the soreness is taking forever to go away and I’m not sure if I should risk going to the gym. It’s been so long. I hope you will feel better soon too! I’m glad to hear you’re skipping the gym too because I know of so many diehards who still push themselves even when they’re sick and that’s not good.

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drank Choco*Latte by American Tea Room
1576 tasting notes

And that’s another tea sipped down to the max. Always a pleasure drinking this magical tisane.

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