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Awwww, you guys…


Thank you so much everybody! I’ve tried to keep up with comments on my posts while we were away, but it wasn’t untill the last week or so (out of two) that I got around to tackling the recents page. (I had to go back 60 pages!!! O.o Damn me, for being unable to make do with the dashboard and greedy enough to wade through all posted!) As mentioned wifi at our B&B was a bit… dodgy, and I didn’t really want to clock up more roaming charges than I absolutely had to.

So yeah, I’ve seen all your comments and thank you very much for them. I’ll see about some proper replies once I work out where to even start, there are so many!

There should hopefully be a complete trip report up at LJ soonishly with photos and whatnot in it. I’ve been carefully writing down what happened each day.


YAY!!!! You saw it!!!!! :) CHEERS, HUGS! Congrats!


I did, I did. I did see your PM about it too, because I got an email about it, but I never actually managed to click the link. I think it fell victim to shoddy wifi and getting kicked off the interwebz, and then I just never got back to it. I’m OCD enough to go back through all the posts I missed, though. :)


:) So…does this mean you will have a new addy? If so PM me – next month I hope to send you a Mystery Box!


No, the address is the same, and I haven’t changed my name yet. I was adviced to wait because we were travelling to the UK. Apparently it won’t quite invalidate my passport, but it was mentioned that there might be some problems to do with names not matching on travel documents and such. I don’t really feel like that’s any stress worth risking when I’ve got a three month window to do the name change in without having to pay a fee. (Besides, I looked at the form I have to fill out and will have to contact the authorities anyway, as I have a couple of questions. Not really something I want to do wrong!)


I don’t blame you at all!!!! WOW – that’s a bit confusing! Better to be safe than sorry, I agree!


I was worried you’d miss it because you don’t follow me so I couldn’t message you so finally I asked TeaEqualsBliss to let you know! (big group effort lots of well wishes!)


Bonnie, I’ve sort of given up following people unless I need to message them or they me to set up swappage or similar. I prefer to read from the All Recent page rather than the Dashboard (I’m OCD like that), so it makes no difference whether I follow people or not, really. :)


Just because you sound sooo happy, Congrats one more time!! :) Stay this happy forever!


Thank you Nina. :)

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Happy Wedding to our Dear Steepster Friend Angrboda!

This is a TEA many of us have tasted (but not all) that is
the sweetest of gifts.
May it linger on and on, filling your lives with memories to grow old on and give you joy and laughter.

Blessings to you both from all of us Steepsters


Many MANY happy years to come! We love you!! I toast your new marriage with Butiki’s Pistachio Ice Cream. Goes perfect with the wedding cake! <3


Oh what a grea idea! A tailored tea for the bride :-)
Steepster would not be the same without you, and to follow on Azzrian, I toast you with David’s Tea Buttered Rum that goes perfect with the wedding fiesta!

Joshua Smith

Best of luck! I’m toasting with Top Leaf asamushi Sencha. Congratulation again, and have fun on the honeymoon!


Congratulations! I’ll enjoy my cup of Adagio’s Yunnan Noir in your honor :)

Daisy Chubb

Cheers to you, our dear Ang! Many many happy years full of ponies, love and laughter :D A toast with Ginger Peach to you!


Congratulations, Angrboda! I toast you with a glass of Ginger Ale Bai Mu Dan – iced. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you start your new life together.


God Grant you both Many Years! I drank White Emperor from Osterlandsk Thehus to celebrate with you!


I wish you lots of joy in your new life together…..and I will have a cuppa Tan Yang Te Ji tomorrow to celebrate your nuptials!


Sending wishes of lots of joy and many happy moments for you two. :D :D


Congrats ~ I toast you with a mug of Butterbeer.


Congrats girlie!!!!! Woot!!!

Autumn Hearth

Hope it was a wonderful wedding day! Many blessings on your marriage!


Again congrats on your wedding. I wish you both much happiness and many years together!

Hesper June

Have a beautiful life with your hubby!


Mabuhay! and may your life be a one of woven branches, drawing your lives closer and making them richer with your union. Best wishes on a amazing life together


Best wishes and CONGRATS!!

Invader Zim

Congrats! Hoping for many healthy, blissful years to come!


Congrats tea friend, that is awesome!! best wishes to you and the hubs :)




Tillykke med dit bryllup, Angrboda! I wish the best for you and your husband.


Thank you everybody. I’m toasting back with cherry roiboos cold brew.

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