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I purchased this from a seller on eBay from China. Orange is one of my favourite flavours and aromas so when I saw exactly what this tea was I fell in love with the idea of it being naturally flavoured. It arrived today after weeks of waiting.

My tea examination contains some of the tangerine casing as well as the pu’erh tea.

The smell is very pleasing, you have the freshness of the pu’erh and the slight sweetness citrus smell from the tangerine.

Colour is a warm, dark reddy brown (overall colour would be medium).

Taste wise this tea is beautiful. With the fresh and light pu’erh tea taste you also have a wonderfully uplifting tangerine taste that manages to also stay light and fresh. Very easy to drink and is now one of my favourite tea purchases.

I got 100g (three tangerines) of tea for roughly £6.50 including shipping. Bargain!

The preparation time was what I was advised from the seller and I would say that it is a decent strength and is about right for me. If you want a very strong brew then leave it in for say 2 minutes. You can also re use the tea three times but you must double the steeping time. So first steep use is 1 minute, second steep use is 2 minutes and so on.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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I purchased this at the Aroma Tea Shop in San Francisco. This is just such a cute presentation, pu-erh tea cooked in a tangerine. I had to try it!

I let this steep for 3 minutes with boiling water. In hindsight, that may have been a bit too much so I will need to do more experiments. I saw on another website people had broken up parts of the peel to brew with the tea so that would also be fun to try. I also forgot to rinse this off before brewing.

I got a very dark liquor but it is very smooth and rich with no hint of astringency. A tiny bit of shiitake mushroom with some chocolate notes. I’m getting a bit of tangerine in the finish nothing like a flavored tea, this is very subtle. There is some smoke in the finish. Even with the stronger steeping this is a very mellow and easygoing tea.

One tangerine yields about 2 small or one large pot of tea. I don’t know if I have time this morning for multiple infusions which is a bit sad. Pu-erh is a tea best left for the weekends!

I did manage to get a second infusion. This time I tried for one minute with boiling water with a tiny bit of the peel thrown in for good measure. This produced a milder but still flavorful version of the first steep. Now I am getting a bit of spice in the cup as well. It’s hard to say which one I prefer more!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

How interesting—-stuffed Purh, it looks so delicious!


It was good! I did manage to get one more infusion so I will update my description. :)


sounds good…I’m gonna finish the Rishi Puerh sample you gave me for lunch today. I find I could drink several cups of Puerh weekly if I kept it in stock, It is highly drinkable IMHO! Catch ya later…..:))

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I’ve been having resteeps of this all day. I’ve got girly issues, and far worse than that I’m having a hard time getting my head around the terrible things that happened in Norway yesterday. It’s unreal and incomprehensible that it could happen, and for a Dane it happened right next door. It feels very close to home.

I thought Norway was one of the most peaceful places in the world.

Resteeps of this serves as comfort tea today, and I’m keeping our Norwegian steepsterites in mind.


Have you tried raspberry leaf tea? I swear, that stuff works better than any aspirin or heat pad ever could! I could send some if you like? it has a pleasant taste, not medicinal like you would expect. A tad earthy.
It’s just one tragedy after another with these terrorist acts. My heart breaks with each one- and this one in a place where peace is celebrated makes it so much worse somehow


I’ve never tried that so I don’t have any handy. Maybe I’ll try and remember to look for it. I have an idea of where I can probably get some.

Latest figures I’ve heard says at least 91 casualties in Oslo and on Utøya, and they’re still searching.


Evil knows no boundries, state lines, national borders, or property lines.
We all hurt when something like this happens. It is simply madness.
Norway is in my thoughts today as well.


It’s a harsh reminder that it can come from within as well, the arrested being a right-wing extremist native Norwegian…


when will it end? the violence, suffering, horror… there is no good reason for any of it *sighs
Good luck with the tea!


Be safe, and drink lots of tea.


It’s shocked a lot of people. We are hearing things about it in the U.S. and thinking, how could this happen in Norway of all places?

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Now, here’s one from the Basket that I do remember where came from. It was included in the Big Box O’ Tea that Pamela Dax Dean sent to me a while ago. (I’m still not even remotely close to having got through that box yet). As it is in the category of the ‘Rather Special’ I have been saving it for a special occasion. ‘Special occasion’ as apparently synonymous with ‘having survived another Ikea trip by bus and in the rain’.

I wasn’t sure how to brew it; whether to take the leaves out of the mandarin or steep the whole thing as it was. I opted for the latter. Then there was the issue of steep time. Since the leaves were all inside the mandarin and didn’t fall out when the water was poured on as I thought they would, I was uncertain about the steeping time and decided to give it plenty. Pu-erh doesn’t really, in my experience, become easily oversteeped to undrinkableness, so I felt confident in doing so, and as I thought, it worked out well.

I did think, though, that it would be a lot more orange-y in flavour. Or mandarin-y if you will. Citrus-y at any rate. It does have some, but it’s mostly just the pu-erh. Maybe I’m too used to the orange pu-erh from Nothing But Tea which is a Standard Panel tea, but I really was expecting more fruit.

Surprised at how well the tea flavour came out through the mandarin peel though. It’s a quite good pu-erh, if somewhat generic. It’s nice but not really anything outstanding.

The boyfriend was in favour of this cup as well. I think I should find another pu-erh for the Standard Panel for him.

So a good but fairly generic tasting pu-erh is worth some 80 points or so, I think. The fact that it’s inside a citrus fruit adds another few points as those two flavours go well together, even if there isn’t a lot of the fruity flavour. Finally, the over all experience of brewing this, the uniqueness of the presentation (unique for me anyway, I know it’s not completely unheard of) and the specialness of it are also worth something on the score.

I was thinking around 90 points was a fair score for it, and look, that’s exactly where it ended up. That was not adjusted afterwards!

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