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drank Red Berry Burst by Lia Leaf
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I registered for Sips By over a year ago, and after one box, I wasn’t very pleased with the value of it, so I didn’t unsubscribe, but I did choose to “skip” all the future orders. Apparently I didn’t scroll enough months in advance because in December of 2018, I received an email telling me my Sips By box was on its way. Oh well. I’m finally sampling what came in the box, starting with this. It has huge, tempting freeze dried berries in it. I think I’d prefer if it had some added flavors because it is a pretty simple flavor. Mostly just rooibos. Maybe I can tell that there’s a berry flavor there too, but it’s faint, and the rooibos isn’t a super good rooibos either. Honestly, I’m just looking forward to munching on these rehydrated berries.


Oof. Subscription boxes get so many people like that, I expect. I order food boxes from time to time, and have accidentally ordered more than one because there is no option to pause, only to skip individual weeks. (Luckily for me, I have usually noticed the credit card charge quickly, and in a couple cases, they were kind enough to reverse it.) Too bad that this wasn’t tastier, to justify the accidental order!


Yeah, I’m glad it was only $15! I guess I should just officially unsubscribe, but I’m such a fan of subscription boxes in theory, that I feel like by staying a member I’m supporting them not monetarily…but like moral support? Maybe that’s silly.

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drank Mindful Morning by Lia Leaf
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I drank this tea a week ago so I don’t remember much except it was exceptionally floral, as one might expect and had a bit of a weird aftertaste that I just couldn’t get over.

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