1188 Tasting Notes

drank Creme Brûlée by The NecessiTeas
1188 tasting notes

Thanks to amandastory516 for this sample! I wouldn’t be able to tell it’s creme brulee specifically since it’s missing that slightly burnt element, but it’s enjoyable. It definitely tastes sweet and desserty, and milk complements it well.

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Ha I’m always complaining about this particular pumpkin flavoring. I ordered all of these teas in the same shipment because I usually love pumpkin, but now I know better and won’t order pumpkin from CG again. So this should be the last of my complaints! Again, the pumpkin is too fruity for me. However, I enjoy the flavorings it’s paired with in this tea more than usual. Maybe since this time it’s going for cupcake instead of chai, I don’t find the flavor contrast to be as off-putting. With milk, it’s sweet and fruity and fine.

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I don’t usually choose apple teas, but this one smelled so good I just had to get it! The flavor is a little thinner than I’d prefer. I definitely get spicy cinnamon and a good amount of apple. Maybe there’s some ginger in there as well. I don’t get any pastry element to it. I think it tastes better cooled to room temperature. It gains some body somehow that way. I’m enjoying this, but I do feel like it needs a little something extra to tie it all together.

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Wow, this tea smells amazing. Warm, the flavor was decent, but I could tell it would be better cold, so I refrigerated it. Now it’s quite candy-like with a lovely, creamy vanilla. It’s all pretty fake and slightly thin, but I still enjoy it. It’s a heavy blend, so you don’t get a lot for your money, meaning I probably won’t buy it again, but it was fun! Sadly, one batch of it was wasted when I took it to work in my tumbler and the metal made the flavor really weird.

Mastress Alita

I got a work tumbler that has a “ceramic” inner lining and only has the metal as the outer lining. I love it! Now my tea doesn’t taste weird and it stays piping hot all through the work day.


I have an old Teavana tumbler, and it’s absolutely perfect (large, great seal so I can throw it in my bag, etc) so I’ll feel sad replacing it, but if I can have all that plus a ceramic lining, I might be sold! Would you mind sharing a link to the one you have?

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This one is much better than the similar-sounding Sharon’s blend. The orange is clear and tasty. The spices are bold and complement the orange well. It’s a well-rounded tea! It didn’t need milk, but I added some the second time I had it, and that really helped it be a quality chai. This is one of the best takes on this flavor profile I’ve had in a while! I actually ordered a second sample packet.

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drank Sparkling Sangria by DAVIDsTEA
1188 tasting notes

This smells and tastes a little like alcohol, which I guess may have been the goal. Still, some low quality herbals I tried from Teavivre had that same flavor incidentally, and I disliked those. Due to that similarity, this whole thing ends up tasting pretty not great for me. I think I’ll still be able to finish the bag. Below the alcohol flavor is a mild fruity flavor. I feel like I taste melon most of all, but that can’t be right. It’s drinkable cold, but not really my thing.

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Cold, the tangerine flavor and the rooibos combine pleasantly. It’s not a very remarkable tea. Hot, it’s plain and boring. Really I wouldn’t know what flavor it’s supposed to be other than mildly flavored rooibos, but it’s decently refreshing. I’ve found that S&V’s fruity red rooibos blends don’t work for me as well as most of their other flavors. I’ve had much tastier, clearer orange rooibos blends.

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drank Strawberry Shortcake by Cuppa Geek
1188 tasting notes

Nice fresh strawberry flavor. I don’t really taste the green tea underneath. It’s not too tart at all, but also not particularly cakey. I put it in the fridge, and I think the flavor developed nicely in there. Now I taste a marshmallowy undercurrent along with the pleasantly tart strawberry. I also taste the slightly grassy green tea. I don’t think it’s special enough to order again, but I like it. The sugar sprinkles made it sparkly. This is a refreshing fruity green tea, but I would have liked some cake flavor!

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Thanks so much to amandastory516 for this sample! This is perfectly minty. It’s so smooth and delicious. The oolong is the perfect base for this tea. I don’t taste a single hint of creme brulee, but the flavor is the loveliest light, creamy mint, so I’m not at all disappointed. I had it warm, and it’s perfection. I cold steeped a second round the next day, which was nice and minty too.

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drank Earl Grey Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
1188 tasting notes

I enjoyed the DavidsTea matcha samples I tried a few months ago, so I picked this up on sale recently. I love bergamot, so the flavor could be even stronger, but I taste a decent amount of it. Maybe it would be too strong for some people if there were much more bergamot in here. I don’t get much matcha flavor underneath, which is fine. I’m glad I got this on sale because it doesn’t look like this bag will make many more cups (I use a tablespoon for 8 oz of milk). I’ve really enjoyed the cups of this I’ve had so far.

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I’m an event planner who always has multiple mugs of tea beside me. Hobbies other than tea include board games, video games, cooking international dishes, science fiction, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, tap dancing, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with my troublesome kitties.

Favorite flavors: dessert flavors, nutty, melon, mint, strawberry, anything rooibos-related.

Don’t prefer: Smoky, rosemary, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender), plain tea.

I always drink flavored tea, and preferably caffeine-free or black. I’ll try just about anything though! Let me know if you’re interested in a swap!

My ratings are kind of meaningless, but basically
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80-89 really good
70-79 good, but not the best
60-69 okay, but probably not for me
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