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So I am bored. Like really dead bored. But this is what happens when you check if storm is over. I mean, after first jab I immediately had few cans of beer despite medical acumen. I lost it. I couldn’t drink. That’s fun taken out of it. I thought as long as I mix tea with alcohol, I am responsible poison partaker. I was wrong. Which brings me to comparison of this.


And wanting me having a go at this.


I mean, it’s pricey. But vendor is based here


I know yunnansourcing listed it but probably different set of storage humidity parameters.

So after 2nd shot I can drink.


I remember Russians made beemer dealers to put a note, supported Nazi Germany. So Bavaria.

I was getting worried, like non-alcoholic beer is first step towards inflatable woman.


No idea what she says but the date is significant

I got tea before 02-07 and tomorrow is 04-07 unless you are retired in Tahiti.

So golden flower bricks are unbeatable.

This is my plan. Mix it with below


Wrap into cheese paper in a form of triangles. Hang on x-mas tree. Blast it with slipknot, minimal group techno and/ or canonical Mormon audiobook.

Market as vibe infused festive miner hashbrowns


The last one probably Misfiled, I’ve asked this guy to design macra for side effect of vaccine


C’mon, this is how I am feeling


I love Belgium but feeling sedated and energetic at the same time, that is something you give to snipers or kamikazes. Obviously, I have wrong blood type.

I wonder if he agrees to look into coasters that charge stalks with cosmic undercurrents.


Thank you

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Hands down the best liubao I ever had. Picked it mainly because it was in
the upper price bracket, just wanted to tick bricks off my list. Very heavy
glutenous rice aroma. Can’t figure out whether branding has to do with it.
I mean the colour and pattern of packaging. Is it all subliminal. Four
digit starting with one, guessing not far away from zero. It is thick. Like
almost oily. If I blended tiajian with ripe, that feel. Maybe it is a brick
thing. Vaguely remember tuochas/ cakes were for greener types and bricks
for riper. There is another one with packaging looking similar but it is
loose. In a bag. Xiaguan, tried loose, tried flat, still bricks were better
rhyme to me. Maybe it is about stalks, like coarser type. Stems are
potentially more alkaline. And it is really loosely pressed. I do recall
some bricks marketed as rice ones. I wonder if that is about steaming with
rice. I know I had hua zhuan version scented with lotus. But my mind went,
this is to cover lower quality of material. Like selling marinated/ BBQ
chicken when unsuitable for fresh marketing. So what’s next ? Is this the
end of the road searching for most flavoursome oolong and passing thru
heichas that make your mind freeze. Like day tranquilizer but better. Like
something you would give to a sniper.


Boiling 8 min or more

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