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Have you ever had a tea you surprised by a tea, and couldn’t decide if you adored or hated it?
When really hot, (as hot as white tea can get anyhow) that is where this cuppa was for me.
The tea itself is beautiful though. Safflower and Marigold petals, and some sort of red petal as well. and maybe fennel? I’d have to take a closer look. The liquor was a pale neon green/yellow.
Sadly, as it cooled, it turned into the soapiest, fake lemon kitchen cleaner concoction I have EVER had.
Wow. It even had that biting zing that soap imparts.
On a positive note, I managed to finish the cup and now have a bit of a tea high. Too much caffeine? ha! go figure. Too bad the gods themselves couldn’t convince me to steep this oddity again.

That said… After my glowing review, would anyone like to try the rest of my sample? it’s not for me, but there must be those out there who would enjoy it :)

1 min, 30 sec

hmmm… tempting but I’ll have to pass. :-P


lol I don’t blame you!!
lemon cleaner isn’t for everyone :D


I understand where you’re coming from, when I feel undecided about whether I like or dislike a tea, it usually ends up in the «neglected tea basket», a place where unfortunate teas never get to see the light of day ever again… great idea to give them a second life by putting them for adoption! Hope you find a new home for this one :-)


TeaFairy: exactly!! no sense keeping it around for that day I decide to give it a second chance, cuz it’s never gonna happen in this case haha.

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There’s a new tea shop in town! in MY town. Oh yes, now I can go for tea whenever I want :)
Well, kindof. They don’t have much seating, but there is free wifi.
I happened upon the place on their opening day so they were in a rather jovial mood. The girl who served me was very sweet and gave me a bunch of free samples to try at home. This was one of them!
I’ll have to stop by one day soon and thank her. errr, everyone!(and then chat for an hour heh heh) There were about a dozen people there, celebrating their accomplishment. Champagne, cake, snacks. They went all out!.
Anyhow, this tea, well it’s great! the strawberry comes through in the first steep with a tart zing, refreshingly so, and isn’t overwhelming like the Teavana version. Oh and it really is much more natural. I really like it.
The base is smooth and a little chocolatey, not bready like most I find. Reminds me of King Pu-erh, which makes sense since they sell the straight version as well.
No sugar required either, though I added 1/4 tsp just to see what happened. It enhanced the strawberry, however wasn’t necessary so would be great either way.
Thank you Tea Factory for this tasty sample!!


My other comment was for this one…but I’m assuming by my town you mean out in the boonies where normal people don’t go grin


LOL you know I have to agree! it’s in Port Credit. Cute little town… but living in TO would be SO much better. Sighs. BIG sighs!


Oh I hope this is a real winner so that you have a tea pub hangout like I do! Hooray! More news to come?!

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