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The best overnight oats w/ matcha that I’ve made to date!!

2 Perfect Matcha Spoons of Matcha
1 Cup of Oats
1 Cup of Almond Milk
1 tsp of Vanilla Agave
2 tsp of Chia
4 tbsp of frozen, locally grown blueberries

Mixed that all up together, dumped it into a mason jar and let it sit in my fridge for like twelve hours. Afterwards poured it into a bowl for breakfast, added a splash of milk over top since it was pretty thick, gave it a quick stir and popped it in the microwave for two minutes. Then sprinkled a bit of extra matcha on top…

Literally tasted like blueberry pie.

Perfect in every way.


Ooooh that looks good. Thanks for the recipe :D.


Sounds really yummy. I have all the ingredients, must try this for breakfast soon!

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Really lovely autumnal flavour – like warm apple cider with cinnamon or cinnamon apple oatmeal, with a hint of the honey and wood notes of the rooibos. A bit of an unattractive brown colour, because of the rooibos matcha and cinnamon powder – and some issues with the rooibos matcha settling super quickly, but just so delicious!

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Iced latte!

First time actually drinking this tea, and not just eating it mixed into overnight oats, I believe. Ironically, it tasted like a super creamy version of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal though! Delicious, and well balanced – though I wish it was less oat-y. Some issues with separation, but nice texture otherwise.

Refreshing and yummy!

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So, like the stereotypical white lady who works in an office that I am, I’ve started getting really into making overnight oats…

It’s just really quick & easy for me to be able to set it up in the evening then grab it from the fridge in the morning and have something ready to go/eat at my desk when I get in to work for the day. I’d be remiss if I didn’t try to incorporate tea somehow though, so I’ve been mixing matcha into my oat mixture as well. This was my first attempt/choice and I went with it because it seemed like the safest and most straight forward choice. After all, Cinnamon Apple is a regular oatmeal flavour.

It was actually delicious too! My oats mixture had quick oats, almond milk, maple agave (in place of the recommended maple syrup as sweetener), crushed pecans, and two matcha spoons of matcha. Then, in the morning, I put some pineapple on top too. The cinnamon/apple flavour was actually so strong but not in an off putting way – it was actually almost exactly as if I had just selected an apple cinnamon flavoured instant oatmeal packet instead of making my own version.

I loved it – and it 100% got me inspired to try a whole bunch of other matcha variations.

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First experience trying anything from this company. Their description of the tea is weird. “Good for warming your cockles”!? What an odd statement to make…

Taste wise, this tastes kind of like a candy cane to me, but with a black liquorice heavy finishing note. I like liquorice a lot, actually, so I’m kind of down for a black licorice matcha – but I can totally see other people finding this profile absolutely repulsive. Though, as much as I’m into black liquorice I’m not totally sold on the idea of black licorice candy canes…

Also, hopefully this isn’t a trend with all this companies matchas, but it settles super quickly into this very nasty matcha sludge in the bottom of the bowl that I’m drinking it from. Which is gross.

I think what I’m saying is that I’m 50/50 on if I enjoy this or not? Also, I’m not quite sure if my cockles have been warmed – but at least I feel a little more caffeinated.


I actually loled. Who thought of that as a tagline?!?


““Good for warming your cockles”!” lolol

Cameron B.

It sounds disturbing phrased that way… LOL!

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