Buying ALL of Butiki's Puerh: SOLD!

I have really come to love Butiki’s 1989 Suncha puerh blend. On her ‘official’ thread, Stacy noted that she still has some of that tea and would totally sell the whole thing for fairly cheap. I would love to get it, but I don’t need all 600 grams! So, who would like to help me divide and conquer as well as get some really great tea?

This would greatly reduce shipping costs as well. All you have to do is pay for however much you want, as well as some shipping from me to you.

150g – $15
100g – $10
50g – $5
25 – $2.50

PM me if you are interested!

(Stacy’s OG post:)

“Other than a few of the mystery boxes, the only tea we have left is our 1989 Suncha Blend puerh. We have just 600 grams left (about 1 1/3 pounds). If someone is interested in that we would be happy to sell all 600 grams for $60 + shipping. That’s just $10 for every 100 grams!”

UPDATE: Stacy is away for the next week on her well-deserved vacation to the Bahamas, so that leaves us 7 days to ‘disperse the goods.’ I will not charge anyone for the initial shipping from Stacy to me. However I will find the cheapest shipping option for everyone. I want to get every gram squared away by the time she comes back so I can get it and send it out to everyone ASAP. I will follow everyone who is interested as soon as I can. Let’s do this!

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Anlina said

I would be interested in 25 or 50g if you find more people to split with.

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Is this a Sheng or shou? And what does it mean by blend? Different types of puerh or flavored? If it’s unflavored, I would be interested in up to 100g.

Anlina said

“Our 1989 Suncha Blend originates from an ancient tea garden in Menghai county in the Yunnan province of China and utilizes the Da Yeh varietal. This Grade A blend is predominantly Shou (ripe) puerh but includes some Sheng (raw) puerh. This rich, full-bodied puerh blend has damp forest floor, woody, coffee, and chestnut notes. Our 1989 Suncha blend is earthy and mild with a sweet aftertaste. We highly recommend gongfu brewing for best results.”

I’m sold!

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Okay! So far I have 2 definitely’s, 1 probably’s, and 1 ??’s. About 225/250 is spoken for. I need at least 4 more and we have a deal!

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I’d possibly be game for 50g. I’ll have to get back to you with a definite answer after I look at my cupboard/finances. I’m also not heavy into puerhs, so there’s that too. Though at that price it’s hard to pass up. XD
And geeze, it’s almost as old as I am. Lol!

Lol. It’s older than me! I may attempt to add vanilla beans to accentuate the earthy/smoke/nutty qualities. But it’s so good on its own.

Nattie said

5 years older than me! Yikes. That’s what I call aged

Sil select said

who you calling old! sheesh! hahahahaha

The fact that people were born in the 90s freaked me out until about 5 years ago when I realized that now, most of the people I encounter were born after 2000. I have not stopped being freaked out by this. LOL

Way to make the 30-somethings sound ancient :P

Sil select said

adagio – that was my thought lol

boychik said

My kids say i was born BC

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Sil select said

It’s a really nice puerh for those considering it.

OMGsrsly said

How much did I get in your order? 50g?

… that’s probably enough.

Sil select said

2 ounces…56g.

i’m pretty sure i have 6 oz coming

OMGsrsly said

Oh geez. Now what happens if I really really like it? :P

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I have an un-tasted half ounce which I can try tonight to see if I want more. Is this a tea that needs to be gongfu’d or is western acceptable?

I have yet to brew it any way other than gongfu. I have heard others have success with western, as long as it is rinsed for about 5 seconds.

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Nattie said

I’d be interested in a little bit. Probably 25g but maybe 50 if you needed me to.

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Reki275 said

Hrmm. Does anyone have any idea what shipping would be like to Canada? I’d be up for either 100g if our shipping isn’t as much as the tea itself.

Besides the split shipping cost from Stacy to me, I am heming and hawing on whether to charge for shipping to you guys.

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I did want to try the cheesecake pu’erhs, but only needed enough for about 5 cups.

I’m pretty sure we’re only talking about the unflavored pu-erh here.

adagio breeze is correct, this is just for the unflavored 1989 Suncha Blend.

Never mind then.

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I’d like 200g if it’s still available

Perhaps you would be okay with 100g? I would like everyone who wanted some to have a chance at it.

100g is fine. This blend steeps multiple, smooth, creamy times :)

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