Closest tea to FengQing Black Dragon Pearls by TeaVivre?

my uncle fell in love with the sample packet of TeaVivre’s FengQing Black Dragon Pearls tea…..and now it’s unavailable. Anyone aware of a tea that is close in flavor profile? I’m thinking Yunnan Sourcing Black Gold Black Tea, but open to suggestions….the problem is that I’ve only had the dragon pearls once!


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AllanK said

That is a fairly standard variety of tea. I will bet that TeaVivre will restock it in the spring when the 2015 teas come in. Otherwise I think all Dragon Ball tea is somewhat similar. I know Adagio and Teavana make them but I have not tried them. I have tried a version from my local tea shop that is excellent but they currently don’t have a website so you have to be local to Long Island to get them.

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Here is my ongoing list:

Most favorite
Mandala – Black Pearl
TIED Teasenz- Red Dragon Pearls & Tealux – Black Dragon Pearls
Adagio – Black dragon pearls
Teavivre – Fengqing Dragon Pearl (I prefer a deeper flavor to my pearls, these seem lighter to me.)
Teavana – black dragon pearls (I was finding pieces of lint/string in these.)
Least favorite

Hope that helps!

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What-Cha also has their version.

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Hey I have some of the What-Cha version! I forgot! I can give him those in the meantime….he also liked Adagio’s Yunnan Black, so I reckon I can put an order in for the Adagio ones and see if he likes them…. thanks!!

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yyz said

Donkeytiara, they just posted on Instagram that they will be carrying them this year!

Yay! Now if they have these and Oriental Beauty I might be in trouble!

Uniquity said


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Thanks yyz!!

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Conchobar said


Preorders for TeaVivre’s Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea are now available with availability mid April.


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