10% off pure teas and special release of pu-erh cakes! :-)

Enjoy 10% off all regular-stock pure teas until further notice!

Also, I am releasing 20 of my 2012 Huron Gold Needle Shou Pu-erh Cakes. The rest will be released in October, so if you’ve been wanting to snag one of them early, this is your chance! These cakes do not fall under the 10% off sale.

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions and I’ll be sure to answer them right away.



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Will you be blending up any Sleeping Bear Blend in the near future? :)

Unfortunately that’s pretty low on the priority list at the moment :( But possibly sometime next month!

That’s the tea I’m waiting on as well. My supply is becoming perilously low. Rationing has begun.

Good to know! I am also anxiously waiting lol I think I am out!! :(

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MzPriss said

OH! Huron cakes!!!! Yummy yummy Huron cakes.

My favorite! :)

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AllanK said

Bought a tong of the Gold Needle a couple months ago. When are you going to release the two new cakes?

Hi Allan,

The 2013 Ontario 1357 cakes will be released in December and 2015 Lord of the Lakes next March/April

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Mmmmmmm….Huron….we all know what happens when I see that word ;-)

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