Discovering Oolong Teas (Tea Swapping)

Having an extra day off work for the holiday allowed me to take time and make baby samples of some of my oolongs I would like to share!
Oolong tea is still my favorite, but there are so many types out there and I am trying to provide exposure of as many as I can for myself. While doing this I thought it would be nice to help other as well. Steepster members have provided me with a wonderful coverage of pu’erh and it has been such an amazing experience so I would like to do the same for oolong tea for others.

The oolong teas that I am willing to swap are:
Tiger Monk, Temple Road
Royal Gui Fei, Tealux
Min Shan En
Frozen Summit, Dachi
High Sui High Mountain, Tealux
Huang Jin Gui, Special Tea
Lishan, Tea Ave
Dark Roasted TGY, Tealux
Milk Oolong, Capital Teas
Iron Goddess, Teavivre
Jin Xuan, Eco-Cha
Alishan, Dragon Tea House
Supreme Oolong, Faeries Finest
Sky High, Dachi
99% Oxidized, Tealux
Lishan, Dragon Tea House
Oolong, Tealated
Honeysuckle, Dachi
Oragnic Miyazaki Baisen, Yuuki-Cha

I have quite a few blended and flavored oolongs as well if you are interested in those.

I am only sending these within the US.
If you are interested please leave a comment saying ‘following’ or ‘PM sent’ in regards to swapping details.

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