Shipping Tea to Canada

I know this has been a painful experience, shipping between the US and Canada, but when I just purchased International First Class with USPS online for an 8ounce package it only cost me $3.90 which is close to what it cost to ship within the US.

Has anyone seen a decrease in cost or is this unusual?

If anyone in Canada is willing to help me test the rates on the US side please let me know because I will take the time at looking at how it all works out on our end here; but I think I may have found a few tips/tricks. I just need to track the speed and quality since I haven’t done it this way before today.

(Really hoping it stays/is this way!)

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Uniquity said

Interesting! I recently sent out the smallest possible bubble mailer swap and because I kept it tiny, it was $7.50 CAD. No tracking or time estimate, and it is treated like regular mail. Anything more than a carefully packed ounce or two and it would have gone into the teens and twenties. Canada Post is a jerk.

Would you be up to me sending you something? I am trying to see if certain areas are different because I am use to paying almost $10, but $3.90 came up and I find that quite reasonable.

Uniquity said

I can’t really afford to actually buy anything from your store (CAD sucks!) but I’m open to a teeny swap or something if you’d like. I am in Nova Scotia which is not likely to be your cheapest option though.

I don’t do Liquid Proust Teas business on here, this is in regards to swaps.

I am just curious to see how the pricing works

Uniquity said

Right, I knew that. I wonder if they charge by distance from shipper to receiver or just a general US to CAD rate.

I do not know, but we shall test it here soon when I get some more swap packages ready :)

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The PayPal link does not calculate Canadian correctly if you were using that. I always switch to the regular USPS site for international.

Uniquity said

That makes more sense. Although it should calculate correctly. That’s silly.

yssah said

orrr…paypal just gets a big discount coz they are a major client and they share the savings with their clients??? :)

They Paypal site also doesn’t print out the scan sheet that is supposed to be handed to the carrier – they scan it and hand it back.

So there needs to be two sheets?

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I go by the etsy calculator (so I don’t have to cough up an address like on Paypal – it’s the same prices) and an 8oz package is $8.51 or $9.45 if I paid at the post office. Shipping internationally goes up per oz.

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I just shipped a 13 oz box to Roswell Strange, from KY to Saskatoon SK, it was $10.58 and that reflected a $1.07 savings for buying online.

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Is everyone using First Class or Priority when they ship?

First class for international. It’s redonkulous to ship priority internationally. People ask, and it’s like $30.

Once it’s over 13oz for domestic I do priority as that’s the limit for paypal.

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boychik said

If you figure out how to ship to Canada cheap you will be my hero. A month ago i sent 2 packages. each was about a pound. I paid $17 and $25 ;(

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Ubacat said

I don’t find it’s much more expensive shipping to US than it is shipping within Canada. The only difference is, I don’t get a tracking number with the US shipments and if I want it it’s double the price.

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I ship to Canada on a regular basis on and the price for First-Class International for 8oz is $8.51. The absolute cheapest you can ship from the US to Canada using First-Class International is $6.39, and that’s for a 1oz package.

If you got it cheaper than that through then there was either a very lucky glitch or wrong info entered. :-P

Short list of US to Canada pricing using USPS First-Class International:

3-4oz = $7.43
5-8oz = $8.51
9oz = $9.27

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Ubacat said

Here’s the shipping label from Liquid Proust with our swap.

Thanks for posting this as I forgot to take a picture.

8 ounces $3.90 and I know how I did it, time to test it again!

Hmm. Very strange. Perhaps it was that you marked it as commercial sample?

Ahhh no, I see what he did. He shipped “large envelope” which has to be between 1/4 and 3/4" thick. Any thicker than 3/4" it goes up to $8.51

Uniquity said

At least you have that option! My “large envelope” to US was $7.50 and if it exceeded that went to 17 and up. Stupid Canada Post!

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