what is the official name of this tea?

what is the official name of the puerh/manngo tea that has shou puerh packed into a hollowed out mango, orange ect? like what is its general name (not the product name but the general name?) for example sheng is a sub type of puerh. and puerh is a type of tea.

Edit: maybe it was a tangerine. maybe i misread it, or my friend said the wrong fruit

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AllanK said

They are generally packed into the skin of a tangerine. I have never seen puerh packed into a mango but I suppose it is possible. They are generally called tangerine puerh I think. I would not be surprised if they go by multiple names. Also, they are usually ripe puerh. I have never seen sheng puerh advertised like this but it may exist.

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I’m not sure you could hollow out a mango.

ok :) i edited my post

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I’ve definitely seen this done with mandarin oranges. Never with a tangerine, I don’t think? (As a former grocery store employee, I have to point out that there IS a difference) Also, I’m like 80% sure this is called Ju Pu?

Chen Pi is aged tangerine peel, so I suppose it’s just Chen Pi Pu’er?

Ju Pu is from JuHua, chrysanthemum.

hi! thank you for your help

Serenity said

immediately runs off to google images of this

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