Tiny tea pitcher

I have seen the videos of GongFu style brewing and they take it on step further than I do pouring from the Taiwan into a strainer of some sort that is in a tiny tea pitcher. I’ve been searching for those items and everything I find is too big. What are those tiny tea pitchers (clear glass) called as well as that strainer I see used? I want to get one but have no clue where to look.

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MzPriss said

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AllanK said

You can also do an EBay search for “cha hai” and come up with many options.

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There is always the option of using a creamer from a thrift store if you want to be super fancy :P

I have a couple of those that I use as cha hai

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Fair Cup and Justice Cup are other weird translations search too.

Aliexpress seems to favor Fair Cup. But yeah, you can get one easily on ebay or aliexpress for under $10 for glass. Around $15 for nonglass and $20 for rukiln/ruyao.

I prefer the more open design. The narrow ones or ones with a pinched middle are PITA to clean, and my pitchers are more dirty than my cups as tea sits in them longer.

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Psyck said

When you brew gongfu style, each steep is a relatively small amount compared to a large mug of western style brew. Each steep may have different flavours and may be of different strengths and weakness. When you have guests, in order to ensure that everyone receives a ‘fair’ share, several steeps are first poured into the fairness cup and this mixed brew is then served in separate cups to the guests ensuring that what they taste is identical.

You may not need to buy or use a fairness cup when brewing at home for yourself and family. You could also just use any large mug you already own to perform the function of a fairness cup.

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