I'm trying to "narrow" down my tea selection and could use some suggestions.

I’m trying to narrow down the teas I can’t be without. I need to spend less on tea and save for things like travel. I’ve ranted how I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. Now I should execute the means to do it. The Misty Mountain and the French Toast Dianhong are definite. I will also be watching Liquid Proust and A Quarter to Tea for anticipated new releases. The best Dan Cong and Qi Lan for the best price are also definite, which I’m leaning towards What-Cha and or Berylleb Tea King for (unless any of you can name more). The best and cheapest Dong Ding and Milk Oolong. J-Tea, I have to at least try. A good coffee replacement is also on my consideration (looking to you Eco-Cha Dong Ding). Loashan Roasted Oolong from Verdant, maybe. A good herbal (Winterwolf and or Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride). I know this is not a narrow list, but I’m trying to push it down further. Letting go of material attachment can be sooooo much fun. Tell me all your thoughts.

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Instead of focusing on picking out teas you definitely want in your cupboard, you might just want to set up a budget. I have a specific amount that I set aside for tea each month, and sometimes also draw a bit from my “clothing and misc. spending money” for the month. This forces me to consider what I want to spend my money on regularly, and decide what I really want to buy right now, and what I can put off buying until later. You’ll be able to figure out what teas you consider essential pretty quickly after that. Good luck! I just reduced my tea budget since we have another baby coming, so I understand the difficulty of cutting back on tea buying.

Will do. That’s what my strategy usually is. Thank you!

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Three separate $50 purchases between Berylleb, Yunnan Sourcing, and What Cha, should provide some of the everyday teas. Unsure what kind of budget you’re trying to go for, but $25 a month with a $200 starting cost would be $500 a year or $1.37 a day; I find that reasonable for having high quality tea.

Here’s a starting point for some everyday stuff:
100g Wild Dianhong, Berylleb
100g Snow Dragon, Yunnan Sourcing
100g Red Buffalo, What Cha

If you need some direction to go from there, let me know; I believe I’ve given sound advice for tea recommendations in the past :)

I call you Sensei and dealer for a reason :) I’ve gone by those teas through your introduction anyway. J-Tea is the last really expensive treat for a while. Snow Dragon looks gorgeous.

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Cwyn said

Good luck with all that.

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