teatoad said

iphone apps

anyone use any iphone/itouch apps?

i have been playing around with “My Tea Timer” which is not bad. I always forget how long i like things to steep for. In this program you can put in your tea name and then save the steep time. When you go and make the tea, you can use it as your tea timer.

It is not the greatest app. there are a couple of features that are missing. (1) add water temp, (2) categories (3) search.

This was a free app and that is why i got it. I did not want to pay for any other apps if they were not good. Any recommendations?

anyone try TasteTimer Tea By Gormaya? it looks like it might be good.

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on my iTouch:
camellia (time and temp)
itea lite (really complicated time and temp)
my tea timer (meh)
tea forte tea timer (time, temp)
teatimer lite (crap)
TeaTime (time only)
teavana (time, temp)

teatoad said

i have the teavana one also, but i want to be able to add teas from difference companies.

do you use them all or do you have a favorite?

i mostly use the tea forte and camellia – both were free
i can’t add teas though, but i mostly log things in notepad and use the timer just to keep track of time and temps while bopping around the office

teatoad said

I downloaded TasteTimer Tea By Gormaya. and it is not bad… you can set everything. i just had two features that i would. I emailed the company and they said that they had other people request the same features and they would be added next year.. So far i would recommend it.

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Do y’all really use the tea apps? I use a TeaTimer widget for OSX but every time I’ve tried to use one of the phone apps it always ended up being a cool idea that was never very useful.

teatoad said

yea i have been for a couple of reasons.

I put in the app the tea and how long to steep it for. Most of the time I just follow what ever is on the package, but sometimes i like things to be “under-steeped”. So when i go to the app and say that i am drinking that tea, the timer already knows how long to go for. I have a bad memory and always forget how long teas need to steep for.

also i am not always near my computer when i am making tea.

i do, i tend to wander, so if i have my ipod beep at me, i remmeber to take the strainer out P)

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IdentiTEA said

I kind of had the same thought as tea-deals.net. One of the first apps I searched for when I got my Droid2 was tea apps… but once downloaded, I hardly used them. It was easier to just use the stop watch function or the clock on the phone.

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Rijje said

… I have some kind of teatimer and a"read tealeaf" app.
Beside that I got “Mr tea HD” installed on the house iPad. I only use the last app… And then not so much. Only to look up what tea is good for stomach ache and such… But it’s Nice and easy ;) (I have too many books about tea, but they are buried under a mountain of stuff)

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PLEASE will someone make a Steepster Ap!? :)

Mawelby said

great Idea!!

teawing said

I second this!!!

Agreed! It seems only natural for there to be one.

THIS. Totally this.

Ricky said


CupofTree said

This would be awesome.

teatiemz said

I just got an iphone, and one of the first things I looked for was a steepster app- I was so bummed when there wasn’t one! This would be awesome.

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Also, I know this has been mentioned before on another thread, but just to keep this one updated, there is a great app on the Apple store called “Tea”. Tea will keep a log of your current tea collection, will allow you to input the volume of tea that you have and calculate based on the input weight how many cups you have left of your collection based on your brewing habits. For instance, even though I have a little under 2 oz of my Strawberry Lemonade, I usually brew it a quart at a time and make iced tea in a pitcher. “Tea” will calculate based on that history how many more pitchers of tea I have left of my current supply.

While I was looking around, I found some other threads that might be helpful for people interested in apps. I hope you don’t mind but I included them.


I have this app, but keep forgetting to update it. But it is great for adding teas from any place to it. Even warns you when you are getting low on a particular tea.

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New version of Recipe Timer 3.0 (TasteTimer).

Download iPhone app http://bit.ly/RecipeTimer

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ChrisG said

Does anyone know of an app that just has a timer and you can add notes like favorites.
I like the tea app but I don’t want to manually add every sample I taste.

CupofTree said

You could just use the Tea app and keep adding notes onto the same “tea” which you make the default so you won’t have to keep creating a new category every time you brew something new. You could just mention the type of tea in the note.

Recipe Timer (and Recipe Tea Timer) have a duplicate function to easily duplicate a tea recipe, then modify it with new data.

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ChrisG said

Thanks – how do you make a tea the default?

CupofTree said

Well there’s not an actual default option, I just mean keep using the same tea category each time you brew. So you would just create a tea category and call it Tea and just keep adding notes to it.

ChrisG said

thanks I’ve actually been just doing this – thanks for the tip.

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GSMSupport said

Great !!

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