New to Steepster and Blending!

Hi all! My name is Mallory and I consider myself a total rookie in the tea department. I love tea though and have been drinking different it for years, loose leaf and bagged, mostly just large company blends though like Teavana, Twinings, etc, but I love tea so much I’ve decided to start blending.

Just wanted to let you all know that I have joined to attempt to gain more knowledge in order to become a better blender, especially figure out how to FLAVOR teas, and so forth. I am making a custom blend currently for a family business to use, so I’m trying to not jack it up horribly.

If anyone has any topics they’d like to point out from the get go for my reference in flavoring loose leaf teas and blending, that would be wonderful! Wish me luck on my tea blending journey!

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Welcome to steepster! I’ve been interested in this too, but from what I’ve heard, you pretty much have to have a tea company and be willing to invest a fair amount of money to buy good tea flavorings. You can get some very pleasant flavors with good tea and herbs, but you won’t have quite as much variety as if you use flavorings. A few things I’ve picked up from blending herbs for tea, and trying different herbal blends – a combination of roasted barley, cocoa shells, and cocoa nibs makes a well-rounded chocolate flavor; green rooibos and hibiscus are great bases for fruity flavors; honeybush is generally milder and sweeter than red rooibos, so it tends to be better for blending; chamomile and dried apple pieces work well as a base for apple flavored tea; clementine/mandarin orange/tangerine peels are sweeter than orange peels, but using both makes for a more rounded flavor. Good luck with your blending!

AllanK said

Beware the use of barley, some people cannot have it because of gluten. I like adding cocoa nibs to tea, adds an interesting flavor.

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Welcome to Steepster, Mallory. I’m not much help with flavored teas/blending, but wish you the best of luck! FWIW, I have enjoyed the addition of natural honey and floral flavors from snow chrysanthemum and Camelia flowers to white and black teas.

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Rosali Tea said

Welcome to Steepster, we’re so happy to see you here!

Pinterest is a really great place to find creative blends that other people have done – especially for health and wellness herbal teas.

What have you made so far that you really liked? What’s your favorite kind of tea?

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