Azul Tea said

Palo Azul tea - 15% off and we always have free shipping to the US!

Hi there! I run and we carry/specialize in Palo Azul which is a tree bark that’s commonly brewed into a tea with numerous medically sourced health benefits.

Right now we’re running a 15% off sale for the month of March so it’s a great time to try out our tea! We also always have free shipping to all of the US.

Don’t hesitate to respond here with any questions, I’ll be prompt in responding.

I look forward to integrating more here in the community – I thought I would start off with a sweet little sale as an introduction.


Edit: I believe I put this in the wrong place my apologies – I meant for it to go in the promotions section.

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AllanK said

Directions are for preparing a gallon and a half of this. Is it possible to prepare a much smaller amount. A gallon and a half would last a week.

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Azul Tea said

Hey Allan!

Yes absolutely. You could use 200-400mL of water with 1-2g of Palo Azul. The ratio is around 200:1 water to Palo Azul if you want to make any other amounts. Since a few hundred mL of water is a small amount to leave boiling, you may want to reduce the heat a bit and leave it for longer.

Let me know if you have any more questions :)

Scott from

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