cameront said

Official Earl Grey Thread

Earl Grey was my first love and in my opinion is still the greatest tea of all time. Post your favorite brands, perfected ways of making it, and really just anything that is earl grey-ie to you.

I have found similar threads for other teas extremely insightful, but through much searching could not find one for EG. My apologies if there already is such a thread and please direct me to it! Cheers!

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I also absolutely ADORE Earl Grey and I am so glad that you started a thread for Earl! I am fairly new to tea and I am new to Steepster! I would love to get to know some other Earl Grey fanatics! Here are some of my favorite Earls! Many of these I actually familiarized myself with by reading tasting notes on Steepster!
- Twinnings Earl Grey – easy drinker and an option for the convenience of a tea bag
- Earl Grey Supreme by Harney and Son’s – love the base of this tea
- Earl Grey by Lupicia – great classic Earl
- Earl Grey Grand Classic by Lupicia – very interesting, meant to be true to the original Earl Grey

What are some of your favorites?

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Arby said

My friend absolutely loves the Earl Grey from Murchie’s, but both my cousin and I prefer the London Fog from Silk Road. I often drink the decaf Tetly Earl Grey, or the decaffeinated Tetly Vanilla Earl Grey. I wish they had decaf vanilla E.G. but I can’t find it in stores near me. If anyone knows a good decaf EG or Vanilla EG loose leaf, please let me know. :)

I also found the Earl Grey Rooibos from DAVIDs Tea to be quite tasty with a strong bergamot flavour.

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AJ said

My favourite earl grey to date was one from a small company called Hazo (not Tazo) that made a good one with a strong China base and smooth bergamot. Unfortunately I can’t get it (easily) anymore.

I like earl grey lavenders, and sometimes earl grey cream, but even better, a small independent blender “Tea Lani” makes earl grey cream lavender. It was delicious.

For a while, I used to try and collect all the earl variants, of which Metropolitan Tea makes a lot of. Baroness Grey, Dorian Grey, etc.

Dustin said

You should try Zhi Tea’s Violet Femme. Lots of lavender in that EG!

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MzPriss said

My very favorite is Earl Gold from Whispering Pines. The base is Golden Snail and I think it is really special.

I love Whispering Pines! I got some of their Port… what a treat!

MzPriss said

I’m a total WP fangirl, but port isn’t my thing – the Tea Fairy LOVES it. If you haven’t tried Ambrosia you need to!

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Andy Hayes said

I remember as a kid thinking earl grey was so so gross. (Turns out I just think cheap, supermarket earl grey is gross.) I still didn’t really get into it until more recently.

I LOVE the cream earl grey that Carrie makes for Plum Deluxe. I also like Zhena’s raspberry rose earl grey.

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Lynxiebrat said

I grew up drinking Bigelow’s EG…which I still have a certain affection for.

My favorite would have to be Harney & sons EG Supreme, though Maple Vanilla Earl Grey from A Quarter to Tea is delicious too.

I do like many varients though am somewhat wary about more then a sample from a company I don’t know.

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I really like Earl Grey. I most often drink Twining’s Decaf Earl Grey as a latte with a pinch of sweetener. I also like the Rooibos Earl Grey I tried a while back. I haven’t tried too many of the variations, but I know I don’t care for Twining’s Lady Grey. Part of the appeal of Earl Grey for me is how it straddles the line between floral and fruity. I think I might enjoy added floral flavors, but I don’t care for the added citrus.

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Zephyr select said

Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith and any of the Earl Grey blends from My Aromatica are my favorites. Also the recent Raspberry Earl Grey from Plum Deluxe was so yummy :-)

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I’m a big fan of Earl Grey myself and just have to add my two cents. I have to second the vote for Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith Teamaker. In my opinion, it is an exceptional bergamot-heavy Earl Grey. I also really like the Earl Grey blends I have been getting from Simpson & Vail. Their standard Aromatic Earl Grey is rock solid and so is their Extra Aromatic Earl Grey. The Victorian Earl Grey is an acquired taste, but I kind of adore it. Also, Rishi Tea’s Earl Grey is interesting. It uses a base of Dian Hong and is somewhat softer and more balanced than many Earl Greys I have tried. It is worth checking out in my opinion. I also currently have both the Organic Earl Grey and Old Growth Early Grey from The Tao of Tea. I have yet to try either, but both smell good.

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I ordered some teas directly from Hatvala in Vietnam last year and they included a sample of a very nice Earl Grey, probably the best version I’ve ever tried. But then I don’t seek out Earl Grey teas, and usually drink unflavored single type oolongs and black teas instead, so I’m not sure where it falls on the range of the best of those. It compared favorably against the loose Twinnings version, which really isn’t bad compared to some of their other teas, which I’ve also not made it a point to work through.

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