bkyleb select said

Favorite Travel Mug

What is your favorite travel mug for enjoying tea while out and about? I recently purchased a 16oz Thermos Sipp (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003H3HQBI/ref=oss_product). I’ve been really happy with it, as it does an amazing job at keeping things hot. In fact, it does its job almost too well…I have to try and let my tea cool before sealing this thing up; otherwise, the tea won’t be drinkable for hours.

So, what do you use for tea on the go?

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I just purchased this Zojirushi travel mug (if you can call it a mug) a few weeks ago and I already love it. It keeps the tea amazingly hot, to the point where I made some and took a sip two and a half hours later and burned my tongue. It holds a lot, too, which is nice because I teach classes back to back and don’t have time to make additional tea. It does not have a tea strainer, but there are some other versions that do.


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Oooo the zojirushi travel mug is wonderful and yes we’ve had our tongues burned from that exact same senario. We can’t help love our tumbler which actually has an infuser for loose leaf teas, no spill cap and an insulated plastic design… http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/gift/tea-tumbler.html

We love carrying our BYOT with us too http://www.shopsanctuaryt.com/byot

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Jenny said

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Uniquity said

This is my new travel mug (Trudeau Tea-Mendous – 16 oz), nearly identical to the old. Picked it up at a Stokes for 15 bucks…Considering the lack of options and my demand for it being see through, great deal! I love it so far…especially the 5 year warranty, so when it inevitably breaks (being plastic) I can get it replaced.


what is the difference between the Tea-Mendous and the Tea-Riffic? They both look the same to me…

Uniquity said

They changed the shape slightly and the tops are different. ‘Mendous has a screw on top with a flip back lip thing and ’Riffic has a push on top and a slide lid. They both seal with the rubber gasket, but ’Mendous is a little easier to deal with. We actually have one of each as the beau wanted a tea mug as well. They’re definitely low end, but I wanted to pick something up locally, and warranties are lovely :)

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Mel said

http://libretea.com/ I got this for Christmas. I love that it’s glass, that’s what sold me on it. I have dropped it once, and no cracks or chips! I got the poly and glass one. I use it everyday.

It doesn’t leak, but if you use put on the lid right away, it creates a vacuum with the steam. I just tap it, and it works fine to release the lid. It makes it easy to use at work.

But I love it. All I need it hot water, and I’m good to go!

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Nina said

I got a Teas Etc. travel mug and it’s GREAT! Some of the teas I drink have small bits that would normally slip through but not this one! It stays hot and I can reuse the leaves, which is one of the main reasons I got it! Love it.


Aren’t you supposed to take the leaves out after steeping for X amount of time?

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noordelijk said

There are some super beautiful tea travelers here!

I have a teavana contour tumblr for when I’m taking tea to drink later. It keeps it super hot for up to 6 hours! http://www.teavana.com/tea-products/tea-cups-mugs/travel-tea-cups/p/teavana-contour-tumbler

And my noble glass thermos is my favourite for just pure beauty http://www.davidstea.com/accessories/travel-mugs-2/noble-glass-travel-mug

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OMGsrsly said

I buy Contigo mugs at Costco, and I have a different version of the Timolino – mine has a screen instead of a basket. I also had a Starbucks mug that sealed, but I dropped it a couple times and the lid started popping off! I’ve dropped the Contigo mugs repeatedly, and they’re fine. The lids are a bit of a pain to clean, though.

The Timolino-type mug I have keeps the tea hot for hours, and I use it for fruit teas, herbals and things that can take long steeps, like Silk Road’s Golden Phoenix.

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Rachel J said

I’ve been using a Contigo 16oz West Loop. LOVE it! Love the button system. :)

I love their water bottles as well. Button system rocks!

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I just recently bought a Contigo and a BrewFish by Highwave(you should totally check out this product…ingenious design!). http://highwave.bigcartel.com/product/neo-brewfish
I recently started a topic about it. Supposedly this company has been around for 30 something years but I’ve read NOTHING about it on Steepster so started my own topic. I hope the product lives up to what they say:)

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